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    As of late, without an excellent, matching girls, the fashion statement of any woman is incomplete.It is actually believed which usually shoes assistance in depicting could be personality.It is indeed possible for the average joe to know a reasonable amount about a female by exploring the variety of shoes for her dresser.A grubby sneaker during the collection denotes which the woman happens to be an athlete or simply, maybe, the woman with a novel reader.Cowboy hiking footwear will signify that your woman incorporates a passion with regard to riding mounts
    yeah, i'm trying to get rid of my stock axles. i'm piecing a 4 inch lift together from other trs members right now and puttin on 31's. i wanna get rid of the D28 first, i think the 7.5 can hold up for now, then i'm gonna throw an 8.8 under there. i dont wanna get stranded up in the mountains or in the woods cause one of those POS axles broke
    yeah, i saw the passenger side drop and remembered that you had put a b2 body on a chevy frame, just couldnt remember.

    my buddy ran 35's on his K5 with stock 10 bolts and a 305, never broke anything except some chipped ring gear teeth on the rear, he beat the crap out of it too, still amazes me to this day
    10 bolt axle......? god no. those are full-width chev 3/4 ton axles. in fact my rig is actually a 1988 bII sitting on a shortened chev 3/4 ton frame and with a very built up EFI 350 vortec engine
    too late.......it doesn't look like it but i was driving about 25mph in circles in that parking lot to get it to flap like that for the picture
    i love your avatar, and like you i also have a 1988 bII, my brother who lives in north carolina too sent me this one so i attatched it to my truck:
    the 88 eddie runs, the 89 has a bent frame, 4 new tires and the engine and tranny were rebuilt in the past 2 years according tioo the previouse owner.
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