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  1. Is a Dana 35 a direct bolt in for the Dana 28??

    I'm putting a 351W in my 85 BII and need to beef up the front diff. I've read about the Dana 35 swap, but no one has enough detail about wether i can just bolt it in and get a shorter driveshaft or if i need to replace the whole front Twin Beam. I'd like to be able to just unbolt the 28 and junk...
  2. 8.8 in a 7.8 case??

    Does anyone know if it is possible to take the innards from an 8.8 axle and put them in a 7.8 housing?? i know i'd have to change the diff cover, is there anything else i need to do IF this is possible??:icon_confused:
  3. Anyone put a carb'd 302 in a BII?

    If you have i'd love to hear about your process and what you had to do the line things up and make them fit. I'm getting ready to put a 302 in my BII, and need a little help. What transmission should i mate with it? Can i keep my stock manual shift transfer case? Or do i need to upgrade to a...
  4. Need a little help

    Need some help with a 2.8 to a 2.9 swap I have a B2 rough tuck with a 2.9 and my daily driver has a 2.8, the 2.8 is shot but the 2.9 runs great, i want to put the 2.9 in my daily driver but i'm not quite sure what all i need to take off my rough truck to make the 2.9 run in my 85 daily driver...
  5. Will a 2.8 distributer work correctly in a 2.9?

    I was out mudding at a friends place and landed so hard the firewall shifted forward and cracked my Cap and broke off my ignition control module off the distributor. :annoyed: i have a 2.8 parts truck and i was curious if the distributor would work. Thanks