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  • Actually now that you say that i can cut the tubing and re-flare using the same fittings correct? the fittings are newer. i dont know much about brake lines im not sure if they can be re-used.
    Did you flare the ends on the tubing yourself, send me a pic of the parts I am buying and a total in parts and I will credit your account. Kim kimcrwbr1@aol.com
    Thankyou for responding back. I am going to have to replace the lines because the fittings are wrong on each end, the brake lines cost me 10.50 for both with all fittings and brake fluid was 9 bucks. I really appreciate you being honest and i appreciate your willingness to fix the problem. I dont have a paypal account but i will make one. its said it will take 2-3 days for paypal to verify my account
    Hey I`m glad you got the brakes bled ok but I was wrong when I said the front brakes take less fluid. A member corrected me and I went and checked my truck. The front reservor on the master goes to the rear brakes or the rear fitting on the switch block. I just wanted to let you know so I`m sorry about misleading you. I hope you already have them correct but your gonna want to make that correction ASAP if not. If what I said cost you any money for parts give me the total and your paypal account # and I will pay for the new lines and fluid. Kim
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