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    Changing cooling fan

    Got it. Just took the fan and clutch off as a unit. Easier than I anticipated.
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    Changing cooling fan

    So the other day the plastic cooling fan on my '03 2.3l exploded.Any tips on changing it out.Have to change it after I get off work today and any tips to make it go easier is deeply appreciated. Unfortunately,working 6 days a week right now hasn't left me a lot of time to search. Thanks, Pat
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    Photoshop help please

    I got my new wheels and, since I couldn't afford the whitewalls at this time, am wondering what it would look like with trim rings. Could someone please 'shop the trim rings onto my wheels? Also, if you could lower it some, that would be great. Thanks in advance, Pat EDIT: Never mind the...
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    Dual Ranger owner from Oregon

    Just wanted to introduce myself.My name is Pat and I'm 52 year old full time,single father. I have a 2008 Ranger XL single cab but when my daughter turned 16 we needed a second vehicle.She really likes my Ranger so,she wanted a small pickup also.While looking around for something for her,I came...