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  1. 4x4RangerGuy

    My new car!

    Well, it's time to retire the Ranger as my daily driver and step into something a little more practical for my daily commute. I will be keeping the Ranger as far as I know, unless something major comes up. My new car!: 2003 Subaru WRX 2.0T 5 speed manual. Completely stock and well...
  2. 4x4RangerGuy

    SAS time

    Hey Guys, I just figured I'd let everyone know that I have decided to begin an SAS on my 98 this summer. I'm already saving up for it and have selected pretty much everything I want. I'll be running a D30 (don't need a 44, won't ever be going above 35s), alloy shafts, 4.88 gears, with some...
  3. 4x4RangerGuy

    Clutch Master Cylinder

    Man, I just can't win can I. Coming home from the Patriots game on Sunday my clutch master cylinder decides to pop out of the pedal bracket (98 Rangers use an MC that clicks into the pedal bracket instead of bolting to the firewall). So I popped it back it, and it keeps twisting and unlocking...
  4. 4x4RangerGuy

    News from the N.E. Car Show

    Hey Guys, I went over to the N.E. car show today with my mom, and talked with a Ford Trucks rep for a little over an hour. He was really informative, and knew a lot about the future of Ford's truck line. I talked to him about the Ranger, and here's what I got. The Ranger WILL be continued; it...
  5. 4x4RangerGuy

    AVM Hub Install on 98-00 Ranger 4x4s

    Modification: Swapping the Pulse Vacuum Hublocks to AVM Manually Locking Hubs Difficulty: 1-3.5/5 depending on factors described below. Are you tired of your Ranger's PVH (Pulse Vacuum Hublock) system failing you when you need it most? Wish you could swap on a set of manual locking hubs? AVM...
  6. 4x4RangerGuy

    Torsion bar breakage

    Anyone ever have a torsion bar snap on them? Today I got to experience that. I was leaving work and not 1 second after I roll onto High Street do I hear the worst/loudest/scariest noise come from my truck immediately followed by truck diving to the left. My driver's side torsion bar snapped...
  7. 4x4RangerGuy

    Shock Bushings

    Hey Guys, I need to replace the upper shock bushing on my left front shock since it's rotted out. I have Bilstein HD replacement shocks, but I can't seem to find any bushing kits that they may sell separately from the shocks. I would imagine they would. So, first, does anyone know if they do...
  8. 4x4RangerGuy

    1976 IH Scout - Need Help!

    Hi Guys, I came across a pretty amazing find on the way back from my gf's house. A guy is selling a 1976 IH Scout, with only 28k miles!!! I pulled over to check it out, and this thing is in pretty amazing condition. Just a little rust in the normal places, but everything else is in good...
  9. 4x4RangerGuy

    Vacuum Hub Trouble - Need Advice

    Hey Guys, Well today I attempted to replace my stock PVH hubs with some aftermarket AVM lockouts. As I was turning the plastic hublock to remove it from the hub assembly, the housing completely shattered. As such, the internal metal gears are stuck on the axleshaft inside the hub. It's no...
  10. 4x4RangerGuy

    New Job

    Well, I went in for an interview for a service tech position at my nearest Lexus dealership, and pending a drug/driving test, I begin training next saturday! I'm pretty excited to have something to look forward to immediately out of college. :woot:
  11. 4x4RangerGuy

    Torsion Bar Ratings

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at replacing my suspension all around, leaf springs and and torsion bars. My leafs are sagging bad (and riding rough), and my torsion bar adjuster bolts are maxed out after I cranked them yesterday to get the truck to sit level. I have the new replacement springs from Ford...
  12. 4x4RangerGuy

    Mystery Noise

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some input from my fellow 3.0ers. The truck is my truck in my sig. Starting about 3 weeks ago, anytime I get my engine above about 2000/2100 rpm, it starts howling/whirring and gets worse as the RPMs go up. Can't be the exhaust since it does not make any noise at idle...
  13. 4x4RangerGuy

    Some good news from FoMoCo

    Hopefully this is the right forum to put this in. Today I went with my dad to the New England Auto Show in Boston, and I talked to a Ford rep for about 1 hour. I asked him what's going to happen with the Ranger, and I got some really good stuff out of him. He said that while the Twin Cities...
  14. 4x4RangerGuy

    Exhaust Options for my 3.0

    Hi Guys, I need some feedback. My exhaust is showing signs of falling off soon, and I want to purchase a new system to replace it. I don't need duals or anything crazy, just a good solid exhaust system that sounds decent (I mean something that sounds like it should be on my truck) and is very...
  15. 4x4RangerGuy

    Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

    Hopefully this is the right forum for this question. All the info on my truck is in my siggy. I recently just completed an M5OD swap and am tying up loose ends. I've swapped the correct computers. I've got a CEL, and it is reading P0453. I've narrowed this code down to the Fuel Tank Pressure...

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