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  1. 4x4ranger99.

    New shocks?

    How would I know then I need to get new shocks?
  2. 4x4ranger99.

    Body Lift Help In Tampa, Fl?

    I recently got my body lift. I need someone to help me install it. I don't have the tools for it. If someone is willing to help me out with, I'll throw in some cash. I'm only 17 but, I can also get some beer. Doesn't have to be in Tampa, just close enough. Thank you.
  3. 4x4ranger99.

    Got a body lift but..

    So, last week I got my 3 inch p.a body lift. I don't want to spend tons of money for some place to install it. I have no clue how to do it, and no one else I know does either.. If someone around the Tampa area is willing to help me install it i'll be willing to give you some cash.. Thank you all.
  4. 4x4ranger99.

    Pics of 98-99 Rangers on 32's.

    Show me show pics of your Rangers on 32's with a 3 inch body lift!
  5. 4x4ranger99.

    Went for a ride and took some pics.

    Not the best photographer lol. Well, enjoy.
  6. 4x4ranger99.

    Got my windows tinted today (:

    I went with 30% on the front windows, and 20% on the rear, and cab windows. I think it turned out great.
  7. 4x4ranger99.

    Can someone help me with this?

    I have a 99 ford ranger xlt 4x4, and I'm looking to do the T-Bar Crank. I just need someone to help me with this. Can someone help me by telling me where it's located at? I know it's in the Tech Library but, I find it kind of confusing to locate it. Please, and Thank you.
  8. 4x4ranger99.

    T Bar Crank Help in Tampa area..-..

    This may be a dumb question, but can somebody in the Tampa area help me crank them? Doesn't have to be in Tampa. I'll be willing to make 30 minute drive or so. I would really do them by myself, but I'm just afraid I'll screw something up if I try doing it. :icon_confused: Thanks-
  9. 4x4ranger99.


    Could they fit on my 99 Ranger xlt 4x4 without any lift? Pictures would be nice too. Thank you
  10. 4x4ranger99.

    31 inch tires, and 3 inch body lift.

    Can someone show me pictures of their Ranger with 31 inch tires, and a 3 inch body lift? Preferably a 1998-2000. I'm looking to see how it would look on my truck. Thank you.
  11. 4x4ranger99.

    Wheels and Tire help.

    I wanna get 32x11.50R15, and I was wondering would they be able to fit on my factory wheels??
  12. 4x4ranger99.

    Would this grille insert fit?

    Would the grille insert on the left side, 3rd roll fit in my stock grille?
  13. 4x4ranger99.

    Does any have Toyo tires?

    Are they any good in the mud, and on the road?
  14. 4x4ranger99.

    Who does body lift

    installations in the Tampa area. I can't do it at all. I just wanna know if there's anybody out there who can do it for me, or if there is any business's out there around Tampa, Oldsmar, Clearwater, and Westchase area? Please help me out. Thank you. Rob