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    call me a child but...

    That is precisely why I took a very quick liking to the Traxxas Summit. It does all the crawling stuff I desire, but then when boredom kicks in, I just shift the thing to High gear and blast off into the distance (dust clouds flying & everything). I've had it 10 years now and still haven't...
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    Will 2002 Explorer Wheels Fit 1999 Ranger 4x4?

    285/75R16 should be usable, but will likely rub under certain conditions of full articulation and the steering turned a certain amount. They will rub hard on the inside (frame & sway bar) if you don't have the spacers with '02+ Explorer wheels. 265/75R16 should be a clean fit with no rubbing...
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    Will 2002 Explorer Wheels Fit 1999 Ranger 4x4?

    Correct. The tapered (cone-style) seats on the lug nuts is what centers the wheel against the hub. (maybe a 2019 Ranger has hub-centric wheels, I don't know... I know hub-centric wheels do get more prevalent the later you go, but anything 1983-2011 is lug-centric).
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    Pinion nut torque versus bearing preload

    170 ft-lbs sounds to me like a figure for a non-crush sleeve (spacer type) pinion setup. With a crush sleeve, there really is not a set torque value for the nut, it is whatever it happens to take to crush the crush sleeve. In my experience, crushing the sleeve runs in the range of 250-350ft-lbs...
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    Which Transmission Fluid is best?

    ^^^ That's a clever idea. I have a cheap Sta-Lube screw-on hand pump that I've used for well over a decade, though it doesn't fit all bottle sizes so I've had to kindof jerry-rig it a few times. The clear hose on it has gotten stiff over the years too so needs to be replaced.
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    Fueul pump brands that don't suck!?!?!

    I've had great luck with Carter pumps (they appear similar enough to the OE pumps I think they may be from the same manufacturer). I would expect good from Bosch too, though I've not used them. Motorcraft is generally a safe bet as well.
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    It's technically a "stabilizer bar" a.k.a. "anti-sway bar", but everyone (inc. myself lol) seems to just call it a "sway bar" (the opposite of what it's purpose is, to counter sway).
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    Which Transmission Fluid is best?

    No prob. It happens (you're not the first one to call it that, probably for the same reason). MADMODDER seemed distracted by all the terms being thrown about here, I didn't want him to go looking for one that didn't exist, and to (hopefully) keep things easier to understand. As for getting the...
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    Will 2002 Explorer Wheels Fit 1999 Ranger 4x4?

    All '02+ Explorer wheels from a 4-door will have the deeper backspacing due to the offset of the IRS rear hubs ('02 Ex Sport 2-dr wheels however should be the same as your '99 wheels, I can't recall if they carried over any of the same stylings between the two or not). Whatever the bore dia of...
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    Powertrax lock right. Cross pin? Grinding ring gear!?

    The factory pin is notched, but not in such a fashion that would work with a Lock-Right unit. Notched pins of any type are weaker than solid pins anyway, you want to have the carrier & pin assembly be as strong as possible to put up with the forces a drop-in locker puts on things. I ground the...
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    Keep or remove rear seats?

    I debated pulling the rear seats out of mine, but decided to keep them. It's not often I have rear passengers, but it has happened a time or two when plans form spontaneously, so they've come in handy those times. Normally they stay folded flat and my storage/sleeping platform deployed over...
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    Will 2002 Explorer Wheels Fit 1999 Ranger 4x4?

    I can't answer positively whether they will fit over your hubs (if I had to guess, I'd say no), but something else to consider is those '02 wheels have a much deeper backspacing (positive offset) than your '99 wheels, requiring wheel spacers to maintain the same track width as with your '99...
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    Which Transmission Fluid is best?

    Ford didn't "lose" anything... Ford has complete control of licensing rights to the name "Mercon" (as does GM with "Dexron"). They own these trademarks. Ford licenses the name to other manufacturers (such as Castrol & Valvoline) to manufacture the fluid in the aftermarket. As I already mentioned...
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    Which Transmission Fluid is best?

    There is no such thing as Mercon III fluid (or if there was, it's very long obsolete). It's either "Mercon", or, "Mercon V" for our trucks (I think you're confusing it with Dexron III, GM's spec for the same fluid). . MADMODDER, you're looking waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too deep into this and making...
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    Tranny Fluid How To and How Much?

    Be sure to loosen the fill plug first before you drain it, just in the off-chance the fill plug is stuck and you can't loosen it, you won't be left with an empty trans and no (easy) way to refill it.