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  1. 4x4junkie

    How do I keep this from happening?

    I helped a friend with this issue on an Explorer a few years ago (I believe his too was Rough Country)... What we did was cut away the offending part of the bracket assembly, then welded the bracket to the drop plate, followed by a gusset up top to further strengthen the area where we cut it...
  2. 4x4junkie

    The Blue Pig - ECGreen's '89 BII

    Whoops, here I am... (I guess I need to check my email notification settings) Yes, you are 100% correct. It's pretty easy to discern whether the truck is bound up (tire caught under a rock ledge, etc.), or whether it just needs a slight bit more throttle to scale up a rock (I think it's in...
  3. 4x4junkie

    MAJOR SUSPENSION FAIL !! Now what? (old aftermarket)

    I had a Rancho lift once myself. Nothing on it really made much sense. My guess is that bar was a(nother) poor engineering attempt to compensate for the poor engineering of their bracket. I found cracks in that same bracket of mine after a mere two years of using it. Fortunately I caught it...
  4. 4x4junkie

    97 Ranger Fog Lights Keep Burning Up

    Are the H3 bulbs you're using 55W or 100W?
  5. 4x4junkie

    Power Steering Fluid Change Mercon, Mercon V, Mercon LV

    I lost faith in Ford's fluid recommendations after all that went down. I've seen (and experienced myself) many a M5OD shifting illness with Mercon V (and unfortunately the problem doesn't seem to go away by switching back to regular Mercon again either.... Maybe if you change out the fluid 10 or...
  6. 4x4junkie

    Bronco II rear seat delete/cargo area modifications

    Thanks guys. I've made a few updates since that page on BII Corral was written (64" Chevy rear leafs, an onboard welder, and ditching those god-awful Goodyear MT-Rs, among some other littler stuff that can be found on my BII build page), however since then I haven't really had any major updates...
  7. 4x4junkie

    Considering Rough Country Springs and Shocks

    Stay away from Rancho (been there, done that). 70-80% of everything Rancho I've ever owned failed in some way or another. If Bilstein is too $$$, maybe look at KYB. Their "Gas-A-Just" shocks are quite good and are about the same cost as the bottom rung of Rancho's offerings. Only thing is they...
  8. 4x4junkie

    D35 TTB with Limited Slip Carrier from D35 Jeep Rear?

    The D35 TTB uses reverse-cut (a.k.a. reverse-spiral a.k.a. reverse-rotation) gears, so you would need to use the TTB (Ford) gears.
  9. 4x4junkie

    Cab swap on a 1996 4x4

    ×2. 2WD Rangers are quite plentiful still, and can be real cheap if you happen to find one in non-running condition. Finding one with good paint though might be a bit tough, the paint on these seems to last maybe 10-15 years at most unless you can find one that spent much of it's life garaged...
  10. 4x4junkie

    86 Standard cab, can I fit 5x7's on my door without interference with the window?

    The factory speakers on mine are almost right where you have your red circle As for the wire harness, on mine it appears to go behind the fender (between the inner & outer fenders) all the way up to the front and then connects to another harness right behind the headlight (both sides). Kindof...
  11. 4x4junkie

    86 Standard cab, can I fit 5x7's on my door without interference with the window?

    I have Pioneer 6x8s in the doors of my '90... I would think the interior of the doors on your '86 are similar enough, which if so, 5x7 or 6x8 should fit. There may already be a pre-cut hole behind there. On mine I had to of course cut the hole out a little bigger, but everything went smoothly I...
  12. 4x4junkie

    2G to 3G confusion.....

    Looks like you've got some pretty deep modifications done to your wiring (Ford never used spade connectors here, for example)... If it helps at all, years ago I swapped out the 2G unit for a 3G on my '90. Going by recollection, the two larger output wires from the 2G output plug (the plug...
  13. 4x4junkie

    Anyone ever make a "temporary" bed?

    Laws in different states vary, but I would think that as long as there is some sort of fender (like) coverings over the rear tires and there is something to function as a bumper on the rear of the frame with lights & red reflective tape attached, you'd be legal (don't forget to attach the rear...
  14. 4x4junkie

    What is wrong with my locking hub...?

    That sounds to me also like something in the hub isn't engaging or releasing right (though it's not possible for the axle shaft to stick out too far unless the seal at the rear of the spindle is hosed, which that may be something to check for as well). If the seals are fine, then I'd suggest...
  15. 4x4junkie

    Front differential leaking, safe to drive in 2WD mode with front hubs unlocked?

    Indeed it is because it's additives are too slippery for the electromagnetic spin-up clutch to spin the front driveshaft up to speed properly. If it takes too long to spin up before the shift happens, the difference in speed between the t-case itself and the front driveshaft causes the shift...

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