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  1. 2.3reliability

    ok,,,,Got a decision to make..i bought my 02 reg cab 2.3 automatic with46000 on it and now im at 107000. I need to decide if Im keeeping it or going back to a car.Gotta say it never left me stranded or stuck in a Ohio snow storm! just wonderin how long I can get out of this truck.It has...
  2. curious about sound?

    I dont have the resonator on my truck. Its an 02 with a 2.3 auto and it sounds about the same as when I did have it. Not much we can really do to get that throaty sound out of the motors but I wouldnt trade mine for the world!
  3. Finally some pics!

    Hi all ,,,,,I joined a year ago and just now thought I would post a few shots of my truck! Its a 2002 XLT short bed automatic 2.3 liter duratech . After the first year its been trouble free and still gets 23 miles per gallon,,,Many plans are in the works such as tint ,wheels,ect.......Ill keep...
  4. 2008 2.3 w/automatic idles rough

    vibration I have an 02 with a 2.3 auto and have the same vibration you seem to be talking about says its normal? my last ranger was a 99 with the vulcan that ran alot smoother . Is this a trait of the duratech?
  5. Gutless Wonder

    2.3 i just got my 2002 shortbed xlt a few months ago and love this engine! even with the auto it runs and performs great!
  6. shift points

    I have a 2002 2.3 automatic ..... is there any way to firm up the shift points , my son has a 2000 police interceptor that has a j mod in it and it shifts great ........ is there anything like that for a ranger?
  7. high mileage

    53000 on my 02
  8. Help with Pricing 2001 2.3L

    You farkle.... you clean it up :icon_rofl: Good purchase!!! sounds like a nice truck!!
  9. Help with Pricing 2001 2.3L

    If the truck is clean thats a good price I think.......100000 miles ,,barely broke in!
  10. Just bought it!

    Yea Ive read alot of good news about this motor so far...It winter here in ohio and I cant go over the truck yet but as soon as it clears its tune up and cleaning time lol So far I like the truck...runs pretty good ! I need to get some pics up here soon as I detail it too!
  11. Owners manual

    Just wondered if anyone knows of a website where i can download an owners manual for a 2002 ranger XLT
  12. shuffle mode?

    I just bought a 2002 ranger XLT and it has a factory cd this a single disc? it has a shuffle button on it.
  13. Flashing security light

    Got a question....I bought a 2002 ranger XLT short bed 2.3 liter auto a few weeks ago and I just noticed when I park itI get a red security light flashing on the dash.Goes out while driving but stays flashing while its parked in my garage.....Anyone know how the system works,Can it be disarmed...
  14. Duratech or Lima?

    Thanks again! Ive had 3.0 rangers before . This is my first 2.3 ,,,,Runs great though.... Its a 2002 shortbed 2wd ,auto