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  1. Tranny leaking from seal between engine and tranny

    i'm new to the ranger scene and have a 1999 xlt w/ the 4.0 and auto tranny. my sister in law had been driving it two states away and it recantly started leaking transmission fluid onto the cat. i thoughgt it was a bad gasket so i had the pan gasket replaced and it continued to leak so she...
  2. whats a Realistic asking price for my ranger

    Unfortunatly i am going to have to sell my 99 xlt 4wd ranger. its been a good truck but its an extra vehicle and i need to buckled down i'm getting married and need to pay for some things. what would be a realistic asking price for it. it has a rust issue under the truck. i por-15 it but its...
  3. RUST problem

    bought a 99 4.0 ranger and have been dealing with a rust issue since day one. i noticed a leak of transmission fluid and now i have to replace the transmission pan because it has rusted through. any tips on dealing with more of the rust?
  4. creeking front end causes?

    so my fron end is starting to creek when i turn and every once in a while when the truck leans from sided to side. what are common causes for this? any easy grease fittings i can hit with my grease gun? its a 1999 4wd
  5. bad bearing sound.

    durring idle i hear what sounds like a bad bearing going around. its not too loud but it is certantly notacable. any ideas? bad altinator? pully? ect. or is there somthing more common with these engines? thanks guys
  6. How to combat frame rust?

    i have a 99 4wd and it only has 40k on the dial. the problem is that th eold man who had it before me only drove it on crappy salty snowy days in NY and then put it in a heated garage thus causing the frame to rust. any suggestions on how to combat the damage that is already done? any new remadies?
  7. Whats the big deal??!!

    is posting the same topic in two different areas really a big enough issue for someone to lock the discussion? sometimes people don't look in the specific threads on a daily basis so posting in general discussion grabs a larger crowd of people thus bringing in more opinions on a topic that may...
  8. 88 2wd wheels work on 99 4wd?

    my buddy is getting rid of some 15x8 wheels he had on his 1988 2wd ranger. will these fit on my 1999 4wd condifering the front hubs and all?
  9. 1988 2wd wheels on 1999 4wd????

    my buddy is getting rid of some 15x8 wheels he had on a 2wd 1988 ranger. will they fir my 1999 4wd ranger?
  10. Wiring the third light on truck cap?

    anyone have any tips/DIY topics on how to wire the third light on a leer cap? the wires are hanging down from the cap just can't figure out where to send them. do i tap into the brake light? if so how dod i do that or do i run them up to the cab and if so where? thanks guys
  11. Noorthern Virginia new to TRS

    Just picked up a 1999 Ford Ranger 4x4. i flew up to NY where i'm origonally from as i caught wind that a friend of a friend was selling their Ranger. this wasn't any normal ranger as this is a 1999 100% stock around the house chores kind of truck with only 36000 miles on it! the underbody is...
  12. will jeep Gambler wheels fit?

    looking at these wheels http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/pts/1615323749.html wondering if anyone here has had any luck fitting them on their ranger. let me know thanks
  13. Power steering hoses rusted

    just picked up a 99 4x4 and had to change out the brake lines because of rust issues. the next step is power steering lines. how critical you guys think the power steering lines are to rplace. i went ahead with the brake lines for obvious safety issues. i am willing to put a little bit of dough...
  14. noVa People?

    hey all just wanted to catch up with anyone around the northern Va. area. i just picked up a ranger (new to the scene) seeing if there is anyone else from the area here. i would have posted it in the regional forum but that doesn't look like it gets too much traffic. i just picked up a 1999 4wd...
  15. HELP! can't figure out this cap/topper's color any opinions?

    http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/pts/1556678192.html the story is that i am picking up my new to me 99 Toreador metallic red ranger this weekend. i'm flying up to albany ny, from Virginia ad driving it back down here. i am in need of a topper/cap and saw this add on craigslist which happens...

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