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  1. Which route should I go? (gearing/locker question)

    Hey guys, I got a 98 Ranger 4x4 5 speed and am looking to possibly re-gear and add a locker or l/s of some kind in the near future. I just got some 32 inch bfg at's and with the stock 3.73's it just feels gutless now, especially in fifth. I don't want or expect it to be "fast" with the...
  2. Help! 4.0 OHV Stuttering/ CYL 6 misfire

    My dad's 1997 B4000 has developed a severe misfire on the 6th cylinder and is almost undriveable from the subsequent stuttering and hesitations, especially when their is more load on the engine. It has been cold starting a bit harder than it used to, and the stutter has been getting worse with...
  3. Occasional squealing from 98 ranger clutch?

    Well, I just picked up a little 98 Ranger 4.0 4x4 and the clutch will occasionally make a squealing noise when disengaging the clutch when taking off from a stop. It doesn't always do it, and seems to mostly do it when its warm and if the rpms are higher when taking off, like 1500+ or so. It...
  4. Fog lights for 1997 B4000

    My dad has a 97 B4000 and is wanting to get some fog lights for it. I was curious if anyone knows of a foglight that will fit in the small square holes in the valence next to the marker lights? It seems like a great place to put some small fogs if their is a light that'll fit.
  5. Noob From Boise, ID

    My name is Ian and I am from Boise, Idaho. I am a Ford guy through and through. My family has like 8 Ford's right now, a 66 and 69 Mustang, 72 F100, 78 Bronco, 6.4 Powerstroke, and a 1997 B4000 among others. Basically, my dad buys something and never sells it lol. I just sold my first car, a...

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