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  1. welding up an 8.8

    I was wondering if welding up an 8.8 posi was possible / reliable. I've never welded up a rear end, but had friends who swear by it. Is it even worth it to do to a posi rear end?:icon_welder:
  2. How many miles . . .?

    Hey guys! New to the station here. I have a 98 Ranger XLT 4x4 with 171K miles on it and its still going strong. The only thing I have replaced is upper and lower ball joints and an alternator. I was just wondering how many miles your trucks have seen and when you had to replace the motor...
  3. new guy

    Hey everyone. New guy to the station here. I've been hanging around for sometime now and just decided to join. Seems like there is lots of good info here. Hope you guys can help me out!