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    TRS Word Association Game

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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Nope, meant to be self deprecating. No Offense intended. Yeah Dennis Leary's comedy on his very best of day is a subpar version of Bill Hick's.
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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Probably an overstatement. Maybe every 18 months. Always blew real cold until about 4 years ago then the slow leak started. I really don't use it so shouldn't bother. I should just unplug the compressor. Just not worth the effort to find the leak right now.
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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Put the annual can of R134a in it. AC works again...
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    Chrysler with a wiring problem!

    I know alot of people bypass the voltage regulator in the PCM when they have issues but the ASD thing issort of weird since 14.5 isn't that high. Have you just tried unplugging the big ass plugs at the PCM and cleaning and reattaching? I've had a few 3.7 Jeeps but never major electrical issues...
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    Pittsburgh jack stands recalled, sold at Habor Freight

    Geez, this is some scary shit. I have a few very old sets of jack stands of different makes so doubt it affects me, but I'll give them all a look to see how the geometry is holding up. The defective ones clearly don't look right but I'm not sure I'd ever look carefully. I do the PJ thing and...
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    TRS Word Association Game

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    Farm and Garden

    Dang, you guys have some real firepower for your gardens. I have a little (maybe 10' by 25') plot. Right now I have a great crop of sunchokes and walking onions going. My horseradish is spreading. I trellised my hops and picked my spring radishes. Also ran over the small annual veggie section...
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    Mortality sucks! @PetroleumJunkie412 I like the new look:
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    Just saw Maryland is "partially" reopening some counties this Friday (in time for happy hour I guess). Not sure what is going to keep all the individuals in the "still climbing" counties from traveling to the "leveling" counties to go to a restaurant or hair salon. Not saying it really matters...
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    Second Hello From Washington!

    Welcome! Nice looking truck! I had a similar issue with my 98 when I got it about 16 years ago. Bought it from a Ford dealer as a one owner trade in. Really clean inside and out with about 60k on it. Found out a few years later that the original owner had changed the fuel filter. Sounds harmless...