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  1. What size axle for 351w?

    Thats what im running. Explorer 8.8, 31 spline Moser axles, welded tubes, disc brakes, Ford Performance traction lok, 4.10's, 35" tires.....363 stroker (still finishing truck).
  2. 302 rad/cooling pics/ideas

    Use a Northern brand Ranger V8 swap radiator. In the middle of my 363 stroker swap, leaves a lot of room. No hacking up the hell out of your core support.
  3. Space for a trans cooler?

    Ok dirtman, good to know. Wanted to know before i ordered one!
  4. Space for a trans cooler?

    Im using a V8 swap radiator that sits inside the support now. Do i have any room in front of it for a trans cooler? Wont it be in the way of the grille now? I feel stupid asking this question, seems like common sense.
  5. Alternative for the trans dapt oil relocation kit 1113.

    Are you talking about the plastic hose (not rubber) that is incredibly hard to push onto the narbed fittings? I would just have hydraulic hoses made, or buy some Russel brand steel braided -6 AN hose and the fittings, google search how to attach the fittings to the hose, and be done with it
  6. C4 fluid capacity?

    ADSM yes i have a flexible Lokar dipstick installed, thats how i was filling basically i just have to wait until i start the truck for the first time and add accordingly? Thanks for the information
  7. C4 fluid capacity?

    So i have added ONE quart to the torque converter.....and THREE quarts to my case fill C4....and fluid is already dumping all over my garage floor. Doesnt the C4 take like 10 quarts? Truck isnt running yet, but thought I would add fluid because its one less thing to do when I start her up...
  8. Wiring Confusion

    Annnnnd, Ron comes through. Again.
  9. 302 remote oil filter location?

    Yes!!! I would like you to tell me all about it actually heh..
  10. Wiring Confusion

    Bales, im "kind" of in the same situation...although i have this green/black connector right where the original coil was that has 12V key on only.
  11. Optima Red Top 34/78 Install

    Optima 34/78 here in my 88 too....great battery
  12. 302 remote oil filter location?

    19 Walt, i would have never known that IN goes to OUT and visa versa if i didnt READ the instructions!! Oh, im moving it over to the left more. On full right lock the tire sits about 2" under the filter. On full suspension compression it will be a disaster. Thanks for pointing that out. Duh.
  13. 302 remote oil filter location?

    Eric, i wasnt paying attention. The block adapter has IN and OUT arrows heh.
  14. 302 remote oil filter location?

    Guys, which way are the hoses routed? Does it matter? The adapter i just mounted on the frame rail is stamped "IN" and "OUT".
  15. 302 remote oil filter location?

    And so i just got finished mounting it there!