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Recent content by 2 bronco 11s

  1. Wanted Vacuum harness for '97 Ranger

    I’m gonna try and go to a junk yard Saturday He has a bunch of rangers . Where goes it hook to and go to ? Wonder if an Explorer is the same ? Plenty of them too .
  2. 2.9l starter problems

    Take your bolt to a place like Fastenal or we have EBN who sells bolt . Tell them you want a Shouldered bolt . Hope I spelled that right ! They are metric . Make sure the starter sets inside the mounting hole . Try to find a factory starter and have it rebuilt if you can .
  3. Wanted Fuel tank selector lever knob.

    Is this what your needing ? It’s not black , I’ll keep looking I should have a black one somewhere ! If you want it PM a message with you address and I’ll send it .
  4. 1987 B2 senors question

    The plugs only fit the correct sensor . Went out and put sensors in the harness I just removed , they are different.
  5. 1987 B2 senors question

    Can’t see your picture . Did look at the engine blown up and it appears he has a plug on the act . Looks long enough to go to the temp sensor though . I’ll look at my Ford wiring book and see .
  6. 1987 B2 senors question

    Looks like the one that goes to the Air charged temp sensor on the right side of the upper intake . You iac is hiding it .
  7. 1990 Wiring harness question

    Thanks . I have both harnesses now . I had already removed the 2.9 completely . Got the other and I believe the only thing that each harness has in common is the main ground plug . Fun’s gonna start soon .
  8. 1990 Wiring harness question

    If I use a 1990 4.0 engine harness and ecm do I still need to change the harness for the headlights etc ? The 4.0 harness is a 1990 Ranger . The vehicle it’s going in is a 90 Bronco 11 2.9 . Thank You
  9. 2.9.to 4.0 do I have what I need ?

    You don’t recall what pins ? I’m taking my wiring harness for my pw and putting it in this harness .
  10. 2.9.to 4.0 do I have what I need ?

    Noticed that .The 93 I’m gonna use has them to the frame and the other end . Going the first of the week to get another 91 harness , ecm and the fuel lines if there different . You think of any other misc stuff let me know . Probable get the accelerator cable too . This truck still has the...
  11. 2.9.to 4.0 do I have what I need ?

    I saw that . Also saw if the harness I’m getting doesn’t have power windows and locks I may have to add it . That’s no problem. Gonna install new intank fuel pump .I believe I read it will work on the 4.0 ?? The AC isn’t no problem , nor the radiator. Been looking for BR11 for years to put this...
  12. XLS Ranger

    Go to car-part.com Enter imfo , don’t recall if a blue one is listed . You just have to sit down and start calling . It’s hit and miss if they still have the vehicle or if it was removed . Just got the complete 1991 4.0 under hood wiring harness , not butchered up , they still had it on the...
  13. 2.9.to 4.0 do I have what I need ?

    Just brought this home . 1990 . This is what I have . 1993 4.0 and 5 speed hooked to it . The complete 91 Ranger 4.0 under hood wireing harness , Ecm to fire wall complete. 1994 Explorer IFS Dana 35 complete including pitman arm . 2.9Y pipe and exhaust . Clutch pedals , standard shift steering...
  14. XLS Ranger

    Was that headliner or upper console put ina regular ranger ?
  15. Raise vent tubes, need help

    On the 1350 and 1354 manual transfer case it hooks up on the top of shifter bracket . Should be “ U “ shaped

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