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    SAS spring HIGHT.......???

    Ok so im gona do a sas on my 02 and want around 5to6inches of lift from factory and need to figure out what leaf spring would be the best to use or leaf pack to start with for a build of a pack........ ive used the search and can't find this anywhere and ive looked through just about every tread...
  2. #1greenranger

    Update of the 02

    Haven't put up any pics in a wail and thought it might be time for an update. So heres when i bought it back in march. heres it now! before the rockers where done. now with the rockers done... Stats for the 02 are -3inch t-bar lift and 3inch lift in rear -custom bumper in front -...
  3. #1greenranger

    T-case ????

    ok new ? for you guys could any one through up a pic of how the 1354M shifts on the case..... or has anyone taken a 1354E and made it in to a M?
  4. #1greenranger

    4x4 help!!

    ok so last night i went to put my truck in to 4wd andnothin happened.. i flip the switch and nothing works. no lights on the dash no clicking sound nothing.. and the chiltons book doesnt have anything in it so if anyone has an idea were to start it be great help... or if anyone knows which...
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    got a ????

    I've never really looked at a explorer that closely and was wondering if the doors off one would work on a 98 ranger?
  6. #1greenranger

    they don't do flips.....................

    so i was down at table rock Missouri at my dads cabin near Branson and i was on my way back from getting beer and food for the week and the passenger rear tire decided to fall off the road so i slow down to 25 30 and go to pull back on and the tire hits a hole on the side of the road and turns...