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    Yet another axle swap

    Thanks, yes it definitely took care of the problem and smoothed out plus took care of the wobble @60mph.:icon_thumby:
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    Yet another axle swap

    Had to fab a new track bar as mine had the poly bushings in the ends and the were compressing and causing my death wobble problem. I used 1-1/2"DOM and 3/4" rod ends. This alleviated the wobble. Original track bar Newly fabbed track bar
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    Yet another axle swap

    Ok here are the wire connectors that I put a wire jumper in to resolve the brake & ABS issue In the first pic is the actual connector coming down from the frame to the sensor on the wheel, this is where the jumper will go. The square connector was for the rear axle sensor, take a piece of...
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    9" Detroit Locker ?

    I am looking into getting a Detroit locker for my 9" and see that they have them in two different bearing sizes for the 31 splined axle, they are 2.97" and 3.25" bearings. Of course the larger 3.25 needs to use an after market carrier to accommodate for the larger bearings. Has anyone on here...
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    what coils to use???

    On mine I went with the 5-1/2" lift progressive rate springs from Wild Horses, They seem to have good manners with no front sway bar and tons of flex. They have different lift sizes and are priced reasonable for a good spring. http://www.wildhorses4x4.com/category/s?keyword=coil+spring
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    sas dana 44

    Looks good, glad to hear you got the problem fixed. You new parts should work out a lot better now.
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    Yet another axle swap

    I thought about it and asked on a few boards plus a ford tech and no one knew if it would work so I did not do that, but now knowing it worked on yours I will do it eventually. Thank you for informing about it working on your Ranger:icon_thumby:. It was the two front connectors and the rear...
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    Yet another axle swap

    Well after the last two test drives the rear brakes have been dragging. I had some time today and tinkered with the truck, had this idea as for the ABS light staying on since the three sensors are no longer used I would put a jumper wire on each of them and see what happens. That did take care...
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    4/6 drop for my ranger

    When I did mine I got a kit from Aim industries, don't know if they are still around or not.
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    Yet another axle swap

    Josh it does hit the cover at close to the same point. For now I just adjusted the stops out enough to stop it from hitting until I take the cover off to put in a locker. Then I am going to cut out the portion the hit and reverse it and weld it back in or get the high steer knuckles and go that...
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    Yet another axle swap

    Well I got the brake problem fixed, the cup inside the caliper was rusted to the caliper and it was out just enough to make contact between the shoe and rotor to where it over heated and locked up the rotor. Replaced the caliper and all is good with that issue, Also fabbed up a new high pressure...
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    Yet another axle swap

    Well I have ran into a few problems with the brakes that is driving me crazy so I am trying to get them straightened out. Front passenger caliper is dragging and locking up and overhearheating. The rear drivers drum is dragging and as of yesterday there is brake fluid dripping out the bottom of...
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    Sticky Situation

    Ok so I got the SAS done on my 02 Ranger and the front passenger caliper is sticking really bad and won't release until the rotor completely cools down and even then it sticks again the 1st time you push the brake pedal. These are the factory disc brakes on the 78 D44 I installed on the truck...
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    Yet another axle swap

    Well on Saturday morning it was driven out of the garage for the first time since starting the swap, still need to do the front shocks. Also am having a problem with the 9", the drivers side is locking up like it is the brakes but cannot find anything wrong with them, so not sure what it could...
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    Yet another axle swap

    That is typical of a lot of females none the less. Hey still got to love'em tho.