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  1. Learn from others mistakes.

    Don't feel too bad about a paper towel, one of my friends rebuilt the 455 in his Olds 442 and did far worse. He took the air filter off to tweak the carb adjustments and put the wingnut inside it, when he flipped the air cleaner over and put it back on he couldn't find the wingnut. He searched...
  2. Hey Ford!!! Screw you guys!!!!

    My former diesel tech is a big fan of the 7.3 gas engine, after working on 6.4's and 6.7's the engine bay probably looks empty to him,though. The worst problem we had with the 6.8 V10 was warped exhaust manifolds and broken manifold bolts, or improperly torqued spark plugs blowing out, the OHC...
  3. Coronavirus

    Jesse Jackson was outraged that 30% of Chicago's virus fatalities were black people but they only comprise something like 15% of the population, he blamed it on racial bias. The Surgeon General(whose name I forget) is also black, he said the high incidence of obesity, diabetes, and smoking were...
  4. Hey Ford!!! Screw you guys!!!!

    Variable cam timing can't tell where the cam is positioned and correct it. If the PCM calls for X degrees of movement, that's what it gets- assuming the oil has been changed often enough to prevent the phasers being full of sludge. The cam has to be timed properly when assembled. Someone said...
  5. Hey Ford!!! Screw you guys!!!!

    PSMAC is-or at least was- the Parts and Service Managers Advisory Council, their job was to round up suggestions and problems that the dealers wanted Ford to address and bring them to Ford at periodic meetings. The dealer council addresses business and sales concerns, PSMAC is kind of the...
  6. Hey Ford!!! Screw you guys!!!!

    I used to get the hotline involved and open T.A.R.'s, is that process still available? I'd also send PSMAC reports and post on the FMCDealer message boards to get input form other dealer techs/managers. I'm convinced Ford doesn't care about whether the dealers are happy but they do care about...
  7. Hey Ford!!! Screw you guys!!!!

    I fought with Ford over warranty rates,labor hours, and more other things than I can remember for 35 years but I disagree with some of what's been said. The design of the 1.5 block sounds like what GM did with the Vega 40+ years that failed miserably.I suspect the engineer was instructed to...
  8. Air Compressor Suggestions

    I bought mine through a friend who works for Napa. It has a 40 gallon tank and is oil lubed, it makes less than half the noise my old oil less compressor did and recovers a lot faster.
  9. Mud Flaps Removed rear fender support hangs low

    I'd either leave them on or make some new ones that don't hang down, if the fender is braced "too much" you'll never know, if it isn't supported enough you'll kick your own butt when you find out. Mine are still in place and hanging down.
  10. Ideas again ??

    Autozone loves to sell O2 sensors to fix lean codes, don't buy one. "Bank 1 lean" is a symptom, not a diagnosis.Check for vacuum leaks or exhaust leaks first, posting the actual code will allow us to help more.
  11. Looking for suggestions: more power from a 2.9

    Thanks, that opens up some possibilities.
  12. Looking for suggestions: more power from a 2.9

    I was assuming it's the TK transmission because of the whine. The Mitsubishi tans didn't usually whine, the teeth usually broke off the reverse gear and left you with 2 neutrals. How late was the M5R1 used and,if it was used with the SOHC, is the bell housing pattern the same?
  13. Looking for suggestions: more power from a 2.9

    This is the kind of information I was looking for. It's hard to imagine a 4.0 wouldn't feel more powerful than a 2.9, though. His transmission whines in every gear but 4th so I assume it's a Mazda/TK. What vehicles would a M5OD-R1 be found in? Later Rangers, I would guess? He does have 3.73's so...
  14. Looking for suggestions: more power from a 2.9

    I have friends who drive GM's and Toyota's, too, so I'm not going to dump him for owning a 2.9. I thought a 4.0 ohv swap and some deeper gears would give him enough of an increase to notice. He doesn't have an unlimited budget and can't do much of it himself.
  15. old school - new school

    Congratulations for raising a daughter who didn't bring home a Civic or Prius.