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  1. Tens muscle thing?

    Aren't you going to tell us why you were welding behind your back?
  2. Tens muscle thing?

    I've got the one Aleve sells, it's a stand alone unit that doesn't need a smart phone. It works best if the power is set low to calm the nerves, I used to crank it up as high as I could stand until the batteries got weak and I saw better results with a weaker jolt. I tweaked my back last spring...
  3. Reset timing

    If you're replacing the chain the gears should be done, too. Never seen a 2.8 that wasn't gear to gear, though.
  4. M5OD-R1 advice

    The EPAS kit in Summit is about $1500, my pump doesn't whine that bad.
  5. Sticky Suggestion - Vermont Title for "No Title" Vehicles

    I bought a 67 Corvette in the fall of 1973 from a man in Piermont, NH. It was sold new in NH, then sold into VT to a few different owners, then sold to the NH guy I bought it from. Between when it was last registered and when I bought it NH started issuing titles. I had just a bill of sale when...
  6. 5spd manual transmission shifts hard

    I'm glad it worked for you but I suspect switching from Mercon V to Mercon/dexron would also have fixed it. When Ford stopped selling Mercon they released a dedicated transfer case fluid which cost $12 a quart. The bottle says it meets Mercon specs, just like the power steering fluid does.
  7. M5OD-R1 advice

    If Jiffy lube changed transmission fluid they didn't use Mercon V. One of my former techs got hurt and had to change jobs, he worked as a manager at Jiffy lube for a while and would bring his car back to us for trans services. Jiffy lube had one transmission fluid and they'd dump an additive...
  8. Sticky Suggestion - Vermont Title for "No Title" Vehicles

    Not in NH. I wanted to have a title in hand before spending money on the 93 I bought in 2019 and our town clerk questioned whether the state would issue one because the vehicle has to be over 25 years old so she gave me the form to apply my self. I got a title. I don't see why they wouldn't...

    We don't have any rules like that. One of my neighbors has had a Hyundai slowly settling into his lawn for 3-4 years and last year parked his Jeep beside it and bought another car. I occasionally will have a vehicle sitting outside until the project gets started or I strip it out but I don't...
  10. Repair Bed with Aluminum Panels

    If they use road salt where you live don't do it.
  11. swap with a 289

    A 289 would work if you have one that's a fresh rebuild for free or cheap but an 82 or later 302 is actually a lighter block and the tiny stroke increase will add some torque. An 85 or newer 302 would be a roller cam which is another thing worth having for less friction and better durability...
  12. 1988 Ignition removal without key

    Not easily. I used to drill into the lock cylinder, screw a slide hammer in and beat the cylinder out, then install a new cylinder. Three things to count on: the sun will come up tomorrow, we'll all die someday, and salesmen can't keep track of keys.
  13. Sticky Suggestion - Vermont Title for "No Title" Vehicles

    I did NH state inspections from 1972 until 2017 in a shop located a couple of miles from the people's republic of Vt border. We expected to spend a lot to get a Vt trade in to pass NH inspection because of their inspection rules but I never heard that a non resident can register a car in Vt, I...
  14. Rear Axle Code F7 swap on a 2.5l

    I'd recommend doing some math before you start the project. Going to 4.10's from 3.73's is about a 10% change, if you're changing tire size too you may end up losing ground. You can look up the diameter and revs per mile for the different tires and divide to come up with the effect it's going to...
  15. Rear end repair

    I speak from experience, many years a go I replaced the bearings in the 9 inch on my 77 F150 one Saturday after getting out of work at noon. Being a long box truck I didn't worry about the gears, just replaced all the bearings. I also didn't take the time to thoroughly clean the old lube out of...