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    1995 F-150 Mild Build Thread

    Few updates to the truck: -Passed inspection! -New battery/Alternator earlier this year -Another new temp sensor because it was stuck in "warm-up" with the old one and kept flooding causing a no-start. All is well now. -Replaced oil pressure sensor over this past weekend (showing below the "L"...
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    Will 31 10.50 x 15 fit on my 2001 Sport Trac 4x4

    Keep your stock rims and go with a 265/70 tire, once you air down that inch in rim width will be negligible. Also, you may need to trim the bottom of the fender plastic where it meets the inner wheel well as it could rub at full lock.
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    My 95 F-150 build.

    Just curious will the stock ECU run the 5.8 or did you keep that as well?
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    Anyone know anything about a '64 Comet?

    Interesting..... I found this thread and thought it might be helpful:
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    Anyone know anything about a '64 Comet?

    As far as I can tell the transmission cross-members and rubber bushings are interchangeable between the two (based on mustangs of the same vintage.) That mount you have pictured puzzles it part of the shifter assembly?
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    What am I missing from '99 Mountaineer center console?

    Can confirm with @snoranger my 96' Explorer had it as well. When my mom owned it she used it all the time and found a tissue box refill at a local pharmacy; I used it to hide my iPod cord run from the back of the aftermarket head unit, under the console and out through the tissue slot.
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    Old Subject - New Inquiry: 2003 Ranger Edge Seat Upgrade

    At a minimum you may have to make some sort of adapter bracket from the seat base to the existing seat tracks which would require some welding. IIRC my brother used similar seats in his Explorer that required some light fabrication to make fit.
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    2002 Ranger Edge 4x4 Lift Identification and Tire Size Questions?

    Good looking truck! 32''s should fit easily on your truck, but you may need to trim the flares on bottom of the fender to keep them from rubbing at full lock.
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    What was your 1st car?

    Correct it doesn't have them, fore/aft side markers didn't start until 68'.
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    What was your 1st car?

    <- First car; still have it and it runs, but it sits more than it should.
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    What's luckiest break a cop has given you?

    Just happened while on vacation in the great state of LA not even six hours after getting there. I missed a turn on my GPS, which sent me back on the highway to the next exit making a protracted U-turn. After quickly turning down a side street, not paying attention and still doing at least 40, I...
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    2011 "leveling kit"

    I never had that issue, but my truck was on-road 98% of the time, so the likely hood of it happening was fairly remote. I had the same goal you did to ditch the stock lift blocks while keeping roughly the same ride height and augmenting the final position with the lift shackle if needed. I still...
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    2011 "leveling kit"

    I had an 02' with the torsion bar twist and belltech shackles set to the highest mount on stock (220k springs) and think I could've easily fit 32"s under it. The ride wasn't terrible, but before I got rid of it I had a set of explorer leafs to swap out and never did it because I thought the ride...
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    4 speed toploader clutch and shifter upgrades

    I haven’t used this myself, but have heard good reviews on it: Also, you may want to look into the pedal support bracket as well, roller bearings do well in them. Scott drake sells a kit...
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    96 4.0 Explorer XLT 4x4 Getting it back on the road

    I may be speaking out of my ? on this, but the front end on the 96-97 trucks are open diffs (like the rear on yours) and the axles are locked in via a vacuum actuator. This guy explains it better: " a vacuum operated disconnect inside the front differential. Normally, one of the front axle...