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    What to do with my inoperative, stock '84 Ranger?

    Alternative to a full 4WD conversion, you could just put the clean body you have on a cheap 4WD chassis and upgrade from there. Says you're located down south, in which case it's probably a lot easier to find a clean 4x4 for cheap. If you were in the rust belt a body swap would definitely be...
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    $16,000 Adder? Who buys this Stuff? The APG Ford Ranger ProRunner

    "bad-ass offroad conversion" "test drive.. quick spin through orange county suburbs"
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    CA Mandates all trucks must be electric beginning in 2024

    I thought they had to add a noise for the blind people?
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    2010 Ranger Sport 4x4 Owner

    Welcome to the party
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    $12,000 1989 B-II reserve not met!

    Man I love these vehicles but couldn't imagine shelling out $12k for an old Bronco 2 like that.
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    Hello from Clearwater

    I usually don't like the curvy Rangers but this is one nice truck. Clean too. Welcome!
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    Cole Trickle- New Member

    Welcome! Nice truck, beautiful country
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    What is this?

    I still have the original jack, lug wrench, bracket and handle under the hood. But looking at the factory jack, I'm not using that thing unless I absolutely have to lol
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    Finally back behind the wheel!

    Where do y'all keep finding all these beautiful old Rangers and why aren't you sharing the secret??
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    1988 Ford Ranger STX 4X4 HIGH RIDER LOADED

    What is the Motorsport Nationals special edition? It's even on the Marti Report so it has to be factory right?
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    About to be a Ranger owner, but...

    The salesman that sold me my car thought the whine from the supercharger was power steering noise. It doesn't surprise me they listed the truck wrong, seems like a lot of dealers and their employees don't know anything about cars
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    1st Gen Steering

    He's never down here, even though we have a Governors mansion they usually stay up in Chicago
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    1st Gen Steering

    The great ol Capitol
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    1st Gen Steering

    Real bad lifter tick, I suspect the pickup in the oil pan is clogged based on how sludged the intakes were. If I had a garage I'd park it and lift the motor out today and clean it, but I think they frown upon doing that in the apartment parking lot lol