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    1st Gen Steering

    Wasn't sure since I've never owned an old truck like this. I'll start looking over everything
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    1st Gen Steering

    I know these old trucks aren't renowned for excellent steering, but at what point is it a problem? Took the truck out on a highway with some mild turns, and at times I had the steering wheel a full 90 degrees turned, while going 50mph. With a suspension lift and 30in tires, do I need steering...
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    What y'all think of my new suspension

    @Ranger850 From minutes 6:00-7:00 they briefly show the parts and explain what they did. The video also talks about relocating other things
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    Small idle issue

    I'm going to dive into this issue over the weekend but wanted some of your guys thoughts. This might be a dumb question since this is my first standard transmission, but I SHOULD be able to idle in 1st and 2nd gear, correct? The problem I'm having is that while going around a turn slowly (2nd...
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    What y'all think of my new suspension

    @ericbphoto Just went back and looked at a different video, looks like they used a double universal joint
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    What y'all think of my new suspension

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    Chasing Idle/Temp issue after many parts replacements '93 4.0 ohv

    I have a 2.9, but my high idle was caused by the TPS. I don't know exactly what you mean by hanging RPMs but the throttle can have hesitation when the TPS is bad. Motorcraft and Hitachi? IACs seem to be the go-to but there are a couple cheap ones that seem to work okay. And don't adjust that...
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    Wanted 4.10 Gears and 90s Wheels

    Anyone have 3.73s laying around?
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    Fuel Issues part 2

    So I thought I had initially checked the inertia switch right, but I didn't. The inertia switch failed and cut power to both pumps I put a jumper wire in and it runs fine
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    How many old Rangers do you see on the road?

    Rustbelt.. I've seen one first gen around, and it was restored
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    Fuel Issues part 2

    Okay, thought the truck was fully sorted out, took it to a scrapyard to drop off some metal, and it died. And it wouldn't start back up. $60 tow and a fresh battery later, I turned the key and noticed.. fuel pump didn't prime. Test lights confirm no power to the high-pressure fuel pump. It is...
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    1990 2.9 map sensor?

    Some 3rd party IACs were pretty junk, so if you have a Motorcraft still in there and it works properly I would keep it. The MAP sensor wasn't a huge issue, so don't see the need it for it But hey it's your truck, if it makes you feel better doing it then go ahead
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    New Ranger Owner

    Welcome to the party
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    First Gen 85 ranger warning lights to gauges cluster swap?

    Ah I see what you're saying now. I didn't even know that was an option. Seems like the '83 to '85 trucks had a bunch of weird things that Ford wanted to try. My '86 has two rows of idiot lights and the gauges I have no idea on this one, maybe someone on here has done it