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    mazda b2600i help need asap

    ok im putting a 2 inch block on the rearend to raise it 2 inches when i do this am i going to need new rear shocks to compinsate for the 2 inches or will the stock ones work. what i have now is the 2 inch blocks and new longer u bolts im hopeing the stock shocks will work because i just replaced...
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    bolt pattern

    does any body know the bolt pattern of my 1992 b2600i 4x4 its six lug. Is it the same as chevy and toyota 6 on 5.5 or is it something else any help will be appreciated
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    1992 mazda b2600i lift/blinkers not working

    i would like to know more about the torsion lift for the front. And blocks in the rear also for some reason my left rear blinker stopped working and also my front right any help would be greatly appreciated