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  1. 09fx4guy

    140,000 Suspension is shot, what to do next?

    If I may, I will describe what I did with my truck which helped soften the ride. When I cranked up the factory bars, the ride was really harsh. If you wanted to, you can easily replace the torsion bars with a set of new ones that are a little "firmer". There are three levels of bars, #1, b...
  2. 09fx4guy

    Switch from Torsen to Locker

    I went the same route as gw33gp, and put a Torsen in the front, and have NEVER regretted it. I would go that route before I start messing with the rear axle that already has a decent differential (yes I know it is not a locker, but at least it is not an open rear). If you want to put a locker...
  3. 09fx4guy

    Bigger fuel tank

    If you need to carry extra gas, carry a good gas can. I toyed with the idea of an extra tank that will sit where the spare is, and hook to the main tank to "fill" that one. It is a lot of work.
  4. 09fx4guy

    "Barn" find '95

    Now that's a keeper. I am very sentimental when it comes to keeping vehicles that have been in the family. They usually only go when they are rusted way beyond feasible repair. Do some maintenance and cleanup on it to keep it in tip top shape, and drive it forever. I also like the idea of new...
  5. 09fx4guy

    I bought a High Rider...

    Get the heat gun, it should work well if the rubbing only occurs in specific situations. If you put the 4.10's in with the 31" tires, that truck will run pretty darn good. I know my 09 is quite a bit different than yours, but with 265/70R16 (30.7) and 4.10 gears, i get pretty good performance...
  6. 09fx4guy

    I bought a High Rider...

    If you throw a toolbox in the bed and put some stuff in it, it will help. Not long after I got my Ranger, I had to do a panic stop on the highway and "hairy" can be an understatement. What tire size, gear ratio, etc. are you running. Maybe a gear change would be in order. A 1" body lift...
  7. 09fx4guy

    Project "Slippery Slope" - 2011 FX4

    That looks real sharp, especially the front skid plate.
  8. 09fx4guy

    2004 FX4 with 4.0 AC compressor clutch making noise at start up.

    You should be able to replace the clutch relatively easily on the Ranger. And, you won't have to crack open the system. Sorry to hear about the monte carlo, hopefully you can get a guy to do it for you reasonably.
  9. 09fx4guy

    Zimmer edition?

    That sounds just about right. It should look even better with that lift / tire combo. I thought that might be what that was. Have not seen that in a real long time. Does it still work?
  10. 09fx4guy

    Zimmer edition?

    That really looks good! How high of a lift are you considering? If I may say, it would be a shame to cut up or modify the truck too much. Also, what is that chrome piece next to the side marker light on the left front fender?
  11. 09fx4guy

    I bought a High Rider...

    That looks sharp, really well put together. I wish I could find something like that in NJ.
  12. 09fx4guy

    Project "Slippery Slope" - 2011 FX4

    Lucky guy. While you are in there, maybe at least coat some of the spots real good with fluid film.
  13. 09fx4guy

    2011 Ranger XLT 4X4 - "Business Casual"

    Real nice find. The last U pull I was at was not that nice to help do something like that.
  14. 09fx4guy

    Project "Slippery Slope" - 2011 FX4

    While you have the truck that far apart in the front, check the condition of the radiator core support. They can rust out at the mount and will eventually fall apart. (Ask me how I know)
  15. 09fx4guy

    RegularGuy's 'Ranger Retention Project'

    Avoid the stop leak, it does not work that well in my experience. If you have added 24 oz of refrigerant and it is still warmer, its got a decent leak. You can look for a uv leak detection kit, also, get a set of gauges from harbor freight or something similar (roughly $50). It is not too...