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  1. 09fx4guy

    ABS Not Working.. Mystery 4x4 Component

    Wheel speed sensor perhaps? Do you get a pulse in the pedal at low speeds or when turning?
  2. 09fx4guy

    Jacking up under rear differential?

    I mean, its an 8.8. I doubt that supporting the rear of the truck would break the diff. It must be just the simple fact that it could theoretically tilt one way or another. It is not as stable as a 2 post lift.
  3. 09fx4guy

    Looking at used Rangers

    It honestly all depends on how it was treated / maintained. If somebody beat the hell out of it and didn't change the oil often, it may not last very long. But if it was well taken care of, it should last a little while. Also, consider your budget and what you want to do with it. If it is just a...
  4. 09fx4guy

    BII prices?? Funny stuff

    I know that some of the B2's that are out there are going for really high dollar amounts, but they are usually perfect. You also have to consider the fact that when people are putting a vehicle up for sale, they most times are doubling what they are willing to accept for it. I know if I listed...
  5. 09fx4guy

    Jacking up under rear differential?

    Lots of good advice here. I too use the ramps for quick oil changes and stuff like that. Otherwise I use my 6 ton Snap-On jack stands and my old Hein Werner jack to lift the truck. Knock on wood, I am still here. I have on occasion done things not 100% safe. I had to jack up the frame on my old...
  6. 09fx4guy

    What are my options to find the correct floor mats for 07 level II

    You can also order them from Tasca parts if you want. I've had good luck ordering them from them. I took my originals and store them in the box that my Husky Liners came in. Husky liners went for about 80 bucks for the front set years ago, and have taken about 10 years of abuse and still work...
  7. 09fx4guy

    16 inch spare steel wheel

    Thanks guys, I kind of figured that the sticker was there as a "we have to do this because lawyers say it is the only way to keep us from being sued". Long story short, the rims was not bent as I had originally thought, just a slight bend on one small spot on the bead. A couple hits with a 2lb...
  8. 09fx4guy

    16 inch spare steel wheel

    Hello, I have a quick question, first let me set the scene. I have a 2009 FX4 that came with the 16 inch aluminum y spoke wheels. The spare wheel is a 16x7 steel wheel with a 235/70R16 Continental Contitrac tire. It has a sticker on it that the tire / rim is for temporary use only. I also...
  9. 09fx4guy

    Ball joints to replace on FX4 LII 2007

    I think that he meant having a remote fob to open the truck, not necessarily remote start. Although, if you look on Ford's accessories website, you will find a kit from Ford to add remote start. I have thought about adding it, but I never could justify the almost $400 (IIRC). Being that our...
  10. 09fx4guy

    Conventional to Synthetic switch

    Hawkeye, about how long have you been using the semi synthetic oil? If it has been a few years, I would say that any leak that develops is probably just from age, not necessarily from synthetic oil. Honestly, I would just continue to use what you are using. If you put a good deal of mileage...
  11. 09fx4guy

    TPMS Sensor - 2011 Ranger

    I am cheap, I will admit that. However, I do agree, if I had to pay at least 50% of the total cost to disable the system as compared to the price of fixing it, I would just fix it. I check tire pressure weekly, and always adjust when the temp starts to get cooler or get warmer. Most of us here...
  12. 09fx4guy

    TPMS Sensor - 2011 Ranger

    Dirtman- I may have exaggerated a little bit. I remember when I was going to buy rims and tires from tire rack, they wanted almost 200 bucks for sensors when purchasing.
  13. 09fx4guy

    2010 ranger bed crossmember replacement

    You did a fantastic job. I had to do some repair and rust treatment a couple years back for my 09. Luckily it wasn't as bad as that.
  14. 09fx4guy

    TPMS Sensor - 2011 Ranger

    Petroleumjunkie412- You can shut off the TPMS light? I am intrigued. I was considering a new set of rims and did not want to spring for TMPS sensors. They are almost as much as the rims.
  15. 09fx4guy

    2011 Sport 4x4 Lift Options

    MikeG is right. The rear is the easiest part, the front is the crazy part. If I may offer my .02 cents... Let's get some info on your truck- Can you tell us what the gear ratio for the axles is, 4.10 or 3.73? Are the wheels 15 inch or 16 inch? Are you dead set on 33 inch tires? Or would you be...