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  1. DPFE keeps going bad?

    Well, right there is your problem......u are shopping at Autozone! I guess if u don’t mind wasting your money on garbage.....
  2. 2.3L ('83-'97) Reman. Cylinder Head Saga

    Good god, NO...... do not rev this piss out of a cold engine Ever.......😱🙄
  3. 2.3L ('83-'97) Reman. Cylinder Head Saga

    Yes, that was posted earlier! To which I replied it needed machine work.... but others seem to have thought otherwise🙄🙄🙄 .... oh well, lesson learned I Hope!
  4. What’s it worth!! Need answers ASAP

    As much as your willing to pay.....I suppose if it’s really nice I might pay upwards of $500, but that’s about it.....I would say anything around scrap value is fair...😉
  5. 2.3L ('83-'97) Reman. Cylinder Head Saga

    I would be concerned with the #1 cyl. Judging from those pictures that block needs machined! Anything short of that is a half assed repair.. Any machinist is gonna tell u, that u need to refinish that cylinder.
  6. 2013 suburban (service suspension) light

    That’s the true way to fix a GM ...😉👍🏻
  7. Who makes the best tie rod ends right now?

    I used Moog when I redid my front end, no issues..... of course didnt use their elcheapo line either....I noticed they have two different lines of control arms.... serviceable and non
  8. Ugly Truck Contest

    3 words come to mind here, Dog shit ugly!😉
  9. BF Goodrich are the best!

    In all fairness that tire looks to have an awful lot of wear on it....😉 I’ve got 76k on K02s’ no issue....other than they are kinda noisy now
  10. 2011 SOHC Power Loss

    Yes, this right here.... it seems that 09,10,11s’ had issues with the cats! They seem to be pretty isolated, but I can tell u mine were dead before 119k....worth looking into for sure??
  11. Tire Pressure

    Yes, I have a set of BFGs on my 2010 and have 70k on them with roughly 7-8/32 tread depth left...?? I will tell u though, they are starting to get loud and don’t hold traction as they once did....I figure this fall I will get new ones, which will be roughly another 10k on them
  12. New TRS shirts.......

    Because, Chevy Sucks...???
  13. 1998 & Newer specific Ranger problems.....

    Well, any problems u inquire from a K&n filter, happen from over oiling the filter
  14. Who to buy a remanufactured engine from?

    What Rusty has said....or a Ford reman motor, that’s gonna be the best rebuilt motor available IMHO ..I could’ve sworn I’ve seen reman Ford 4.0 online for $3400.00 shop around, I can tell u Do Not get one from Marshall, as they suck had 1 & never ever again
  15. MAF sensor and fuel trim values

    5-10% is good for short term fuel trim @ idle, now when are u looking @ long term fuel trims? I was taught long term u would rev motor up to 2k rpm then check them....hold it steady around 2k to 2.5 k and observe . Short term fuel trims are gonna be all over the place with a vacuum leak, and of...