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By BentWrench

Sometimes there just isnít any other way to get some traction except to add some weight. What I did was to go down to the Tractor Supply nearby me where I buy my electric fence wire which keeps the goats out of the rhubarb and I bought me one of the valves like is seen here in this picture. Itís about $10 and what it does is to add a bunch of water into your tires which puts the weight right down on the ground where you want it. Here is the procedure:

Jack up the car (in this example I am using my 1984 Nissan Sentra station wagon which I cut off to make a pickup) and with the tire in question off the ground, let out the air and remove the valve core. Rotate the tire to get the valve at the top. Screw the valve into the tire filler stem. Then screw the garden hose into the valve and turn on the hose. As the water goes into the tire the air comes out that little round cap as is seen in the picture facing out. Once the tire is full of water then pure water will come out of that cap and the tire is full. Put the valve core back in and then put about 10psi of air in. Do all of the tires this same way.

What itís like: When the tires are full itís OK but you canít really go nearly as fast as when it is just air in them. The Nissan trucklette gets to humping along real good and it doesnít stop too well or steer well but it does have good traction in the slippery stuff around the yard. Since I work 3rd shift I only drive it on the road at night when hardly anyone is around. I recommend this to only the serious enthusiast which is willing to sacrifice some drivability for true offroad performance.


The views and tips expressed here by Bentwrench are done so for entertainment purposes and do not necessarily represent actual mechanical techniques, parts, problems, diagnostics or procedures.





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