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2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt
2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt

2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt

Filed in Concept Vehicles by on March 15, 2003 • views: 1029

Now we’re all familiar with the automakers’ practice of building wild, one-off vehicles for the auto show circuit. Most are just flashy come-ons, designed to excite show-goers, while a few are thinly veiled looks at upcoming production models. But still others are hot-rodded versions of existing designs, and it’s often this last type that stirs […]


Ford Ranger Storm Concept views: 1155

If it wasn’t bad enough that Ford told us we weren’t going to get the Ford Ranger Raptor here in the United States, Ford has released a new Ford Ranger concept to add to that frustration. Introduced at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show this week, the Ford Ranger Storm is an off-road pickup concept […]

BDS Ford Ranger X views: 1101

One of the 2019 Ford Ranger concepts that really stood out at the 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas this year was the ‘Ranger X’ built by BDS Suspension. Project Ranger X takes Ranger’s built-in performance and capability to the next level in the form of this ultimate back-country adventurer. The truck features a custom […]

Jeff Simpson’s Duratech Turbo Ranger views: 1147

One nice thing about meeting with Ford Ranger enthusiasts, is that you never know what you’re going to discovered when you start looking at everyone’s truck. Such was the case when I saw Jeff Simpson’s (dangeranger93) 2001 Ford Ranger at the Dearborn Michigan Meet. At first glance, you may simply think this is just another […]

Ford Celebrates The Start of Ranger Production views: 1201

I’ve been a Ford Ranger enthusiast since the early 1990’s. My love for them inspired me to create this website. When I was contacted by Ford and asked if I wanted to participate in an employee event on Monday 01/22/2018, I jumped at the opportunity. Ford even allowed me to bring along TRS Forum Moderator […]