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Sean Shaw’s Desert Ranger
Sean Shaw's Desert Ranger

Sean Shaw’s Desert Ranger

Filed in 2WD Off-Road by on June 15, 2017 • views: 54

Hey everyone, This month we’re featuring Sean Shaw’s 1994 Ford Ranger.  Sean built the truck for high speed off road desert driving.  It’s set up like a pre-runner or what Sean likes to call a trophy truck.  The Ranger is equipped with the factory 4.0-Liter V-6 that has well over 190,000 on the clock that […]


RaceRanger97’s Ford Ranger views: 39

As the owner of The Ranger Station, I’ve had the occasion to watch member vehicles transform over the years. Sometimes you can see a members skills grow and develop as their vehicle transforms. One of those members is ‘RaceRanger97’ (Alec Navarro) of Fresno California. Alec first shared his RaceRangers Build in our forum in July of […]

The Stranger – 2000 Ford Ranger views: 47

Owner: Pascal Barone IV Vehicle: 2000 Ford Ranger Hometown: Metairie, LA From the owner; Now let’s get down to business shall we. This little ol’ minitruck has done very well by me since its completion and I’m thankful you’re taking your time to find out more about the history and story as I tell it. […]

1985 351C Ford Ranger views: 64

By Edward Kohler This 1985 Ford Ranger was a suggestion by my father (r.i.p.). He said “Why don’t you put a small block in one of those Rangers?” At first I was like, “No way.” I didn’t have the confidence to take on such a project. I wasn’t even aware that things like that could […]

Jody Treadway’s 1999 Ford Ranger views: 52

When it comes to a truck with nine lives, none may be a better example than Jody Treadway’s 1999 Ford Ranger. Purchased a little over three years ago in a semi-built but slightly rough condition, it wasn’t until the Carolina Axle and 4×4 shop owner got his hands on it that the truck would really […]