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Default 86/87 ECM vs 88-92 ECM

After checking wires upon wires ive decided to change the ECM in my 87 Ranger to try and get rid of the issues im having, if nothing else to rule that out as a cause for sure.

I pulled the ECM out of rusty #1, and the fuel pump wouldnt prime, then it dawned on me all those years ago around the end of clintons first term when i had a buddy help me wire the fuel pump up to run all the time it must have been the ECM that was the issue and NOT the wireing. Got a code 87 and no fuel pump. So that option is out.

So, heres my question...

I know by going to a 88-92 ECM you eliminate the knock sensor/EGR system used on the 86-87 trucks. According to what i read they ran a knock sensor and EGR to run more aggressive timing, and then in 88 did away with that.

So, would i notice a power/MPG difference (as in, less of both) going to a 88-92ecm?

Also will i get a core credit turning in a 87 ecm for an 88? I know the part numbers are different
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