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Default Need help 96 Ranger 2.3l

Found truck on a job at a residence supposedly been sitting for close to ten years. Reason it was parked was odometer wasn't working, fuel gauge wasnt working, and I think they started having a little trouble with it running. Very old couple, but was bought new, one-owner. Truck was clean inside and out and everything intact. Bought it for $1. Put a starter, and ignition solenoid on it. Then dropped tank, cleaned out, new fuel pump, fuel filter and got it to start. Ran really rough, bad miss but ran. No knocking, motor sounded good, just missing real bad. Since I've changed plugs, wires, checked all grounds, cleaned every electrical connection, cleaned intake manifold, throttle body, new battery, drained and refilled coolant, bought went through everything I can think of and cleaned it, etc. Swapped coils, no change. 2 plugs we're horrible. Changed all plugs, no change. Replaced timing belt, and regular belt, no change. How do I test the coils other than the swap out? Also how do I know if it my computer is bad? Everything on this truck other than what I have done was original. You can tell the motor was strong, no knocking, etc. Seems like when it first cranked it was better than now and I've replaced several parts that looked bad? Only code was a speed sensor and I changed it. It's not throwing any more codes. Only scanner I have does not do live data. What do I do next?? It's got to be something like the coils or computer I think or.maybe some type of sensor. Don't m ow...need help before I get mad and junk the thing. I really think it would be a good little truck. Oh yeah, I had one bad injector so I changed it, and the other 3 checked out fine. Also cleaned out the fuel rail. Checked all vacuum lines and hoses, changed a couple. No change. 96 Ford Ranger 2.3l. Regular cab, 5-speed. Also I disconnected the exhaust so clogged cat is out too. It will start but horrible idle, and when you rev it, it's like it's only running on 2 cylinders. Dunno???
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Do a compression test, checking for stuck valves, but likely not.
Check the plug wire setting in the coil. You may have gotten them crossed. There are several patterns, vintage dependent.
Which two cylinders? Try pulling plug wires one at a time, and note contribution. If you pull a plug wire, and nothing changes, that cylinder is suspect.
To my knowlege, cylinders 1 & 4, and cylinders 2 & 3 fire at the same time. If the misfire is in a 'pair', look closer at ignition.
Just because you cleaned the fuel system components, does not mean stuff did not get loose a bit later and plug the screens in the injectors.
Will it run faster than idle speed? Does it go down the road? Have power on the road?
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