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Question F 150 vs 2" coil spacer

I know that the coil spacers (2" Black Delrin polymer in this instance) are generally frowned upon. I already have a pair just lying around, and my question is for general truck health, and as close to stock articulation and ride, whats better the F 150 cast iron coil spacers, or these under spring ones? They both fundamentally do the same thing, so I am curious as to what your opinions are. I know I will need an alignment, and 2'' longer shocks either way I go, so I am just looking for the best option. All parts on my truck are OEM originals, so damn near everything is almost 20 years old. Not trying to start the part snowball and have one thing failing causing another, and so on.

1993 4.0 V6 2wd AT

(also I have the 4wd leaf lift blocks also, but doubt I'll put them in as the front end still won't be level with the back even after the 2" I would gain)
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Cody Ray
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Some of these new polymers are as strong if not stronger than iron or aluminium parts. If you already have the delrin ones might as well use them and give 'em a test drive.
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The spacers will give you the lift with close to factory ride and the coils will give you lift with a much stiffer ride. I just put the F150 coils on my 92, a very noticable difference in ride quality.
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