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Originally Posted by AllanD View Post
Tranny in neutral WILL harm the transmission.

How much depends on how far and how fast, but...

Being this 1990 Ranger 4x4 that I bought, was towed a 100 miles without the transfer case being in neutral, which would have caused the transmission to have not been lubricated properly, because the input shaft and cluster gears weren't turning in the tranny, being the engine wasn't running to turn them.

Would it be a good idea to put the transfer case in neutral, now, and run the engine, while the transmission is put in each gear to lubricate all the bearings and gears inside of the tranny, before driving the Ranger.

If this was done to lubricate the transmission, before driving it

It wouldn't hurt the transfer case, would it, being it would be in neutral and wouldn't be engaged to the tranny

Which manual 5 speed transmission is in a 1990 Ranger 4x4, and does is it use gear lube or automatic trasmission fluid for it's lubrication

If it's suppose to use automatic transmission fluid, does anyone ever use gear lube, instead, for better lubrication

Or, will doing that cause other issues and tranny problems

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