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Originally Posted by thebigyellowtruck View Post
I have a 1997 ranger with a 2.3 engine. just recently the check engine light came on. i checked the code with my girlfriends dads code reader and it came back P1443. I looked the code up online and it said that the code was "Evaporative Emission Control System Control Valve" it also said that in order to fix this problem i would need a canister purge solenoid. Is this factual information that i found? if so can anyone tell me where the canister purge solenoide is so that i can replace it? thanks in advance for the help.

you can try to clean the valve with carb cleaner. if that doesn't work replace. it. it is cheaper than the solenoid so do that first and see if it gets rid of the CEL.

in my case, i had to replace both, but i could only find the solenoid at the dealership.

also the code could be caused by a non/loose sealing gas cap so check that too.
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