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if the reason you think it is stuck open because your heat is not working you are most likely correct but there is a slight chance there is a vaper lock in the system and you should try to get the air out. run the engine till it is warm, keep adding fluid as you squeeze the upper rad hose trying to get the air out. From my memory the bolts are 8mm there are 2 of them the thermostat is in the front of the engine not the top. The upper radiator hose is attached to the housing you will be removing the thermostat goes in the housing. THIS IS VERy IMPORTANT MAKE SURE YOU GET THE CORRECT MOTORCRAFT THERMOSTAT THAT IS FOR THE ENGINE. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU TAKE THE OLD ONE OUT YOU MIGHT HAVE TO TWIST IT FIRST BEFORE yOU TAKE IT OUT. you do not need to take the timing belt cover off. I would take the fan guard off to make it easier. after it is installed make sure you squeeze all the air out by squeezing the upper rad house while the engine is running to get all the air out
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