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don't listen to them. disconnect the engine from the mounts and thread th bolts onto the studs and let the engine rest. it's ok belive me i did this on my 99. you are going to have to drop the right side of the front diff too (one bolt oh well). i think ihad to take out the starter but i have turned 21 sense then. also there are a few things about the new gasket it's gonna look wierd with the tabs (u will know what i am talking about). there are two bolts that are longer than the others. these go on either side of the timing cover. installing it is a bitch because the gasket won't seat right on the pan. remember the old full size? there was a lower and upper half of the splash shield to the bellhousing. i had to cut it off just below the sealing surface on the bottom of the block. it bolts back up in place and i used RTV to seal the gap. it's not as tough as you think. just time consuming. it took 3 days in the shop at my auto tech class but know this i had a teacher that was worried about us i am a tech now a could to it alot faster with out his help just message me with any questions.
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