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Default 3.0 oil pan change

99 3.0 4x4 replacing pan due to rot.i ended up pulling front diff right out,not a bad job just time consuming due to first time.left side unbolt outer tie rod end,upper ball joint and small metal shield on back of spindle bearing 2 8mm bolts. then you can slide out left axle,same on right side except axle will slide out after dropping diff only three bolts for diff.dropp diff then right axle,unbolt starter and remove,having starter rebuilt just because it is out and there is almost 200,000 on truck now.remove two nuts for motor mount and small inspection plate right side of trans two 8mm bolts.remove all bolts from pan then jack front of motor all i used was a 2x2 block of wood and floor jack on the crank pulley,lifted motor about 2 inches and there is enough clearance to drop pan right off.since this was my first time replacing this pan it was time consuming but having all the steps now it will go back together more quickly as soon as i get the parts.
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