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(This mini section added 11/15/2011.)

I forgot to include the center support / carrier bearing for my 2 piece driveshaft. I tried to find a 98+ 4WD replacement, but couldn't find one nearby in a crunch. So, I did two things:

1.) Took my old one off, and warrantied this stock one out for a bearing I replaced on my other Ranger 5 years ago at Autozone. Turns out it was gonna take 5 days to arrive, but I ordered it and picked it up later anyways as a new spare.

2.) Went to my favorite O'Reilly's and they had it in stock. Better guys overall, anyways. Used this $20 Timken for the actual replacement that day.


************************************************** *****************

ES9000's work great.

Very pleased on the 35's BFG M/T. I have different Skyjacker coils, and I'm going to try and see if those yield a better street ride as a DD. As soon as the new James Duff body mounts arrive and radius arm bushings, hopefully everything will come back into spec and eliminate the shaking.

Smooth ride, and takes the little bumps easily. The bigger ones I'm still getting bumpsteer, but that's because of my drag & TRE angles relative to the pitman.

I'm curious if an additional shock on the front tower will help as well, and used in place of the front swaybar mount.

Here's a pic of when the wheel almost fell off at 70mph on the highways, due to the previous owners choice of wheel studs. I guess I have always been been lucky for the last 1.25 years (8 months of it was spent on jackstands). The lugnut/wheel interface is so close, that it seemed to be right. I guess I was too trusting that that hardware was right when I picked it up that way.

I had to cut my wheel off, and found this:

Rebuilt with new guts & upgraded pads & rotors:

New internal 4WD guts, and used hub lockouts form a fellow TRS-er:

New shocks, nothing special:

Worn body bushing:

When I got the tonneau cover, ~ 1 month ago for $100. The lock still requires adjustment, and it still needs to be painted black:

This is only the plug for the new center console that I am building. I have since cut holes and shaved it down to fit, and am currently running that as a console to see if I like it. It is going to be glassed, house switches, cup holders, a storage compartment, and a place for my wallet & phone with a built in charger. I will also add an additional keyed-on 12V source. I am contemplating a 300W power inverter.

Also, had a get together with Northern & PHDPrerunner.
Green Ranger Build:


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