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PlumCrazy 07-19-2009 08:45 AM

PlumCrazy's Build
First off, the truck started as a bone stock XLT with power everything but seats.

Here is a run through of what all I have done to it

Wheels/Tires, Axles, Steering, Steering, and Suspension
-38.5x14.50-15 Super Swamper TSLs on beadlocks
-SAS with Narrowed HP Dana 44, OX selectable locker, RCV shafts, disc brakes, Warn lockouts w/ 300M 30 spline upgrade, 5.13s, 6.5" XJ coils, and 1.5" DOM steering linkage
-Reid Racing knuckles, 4 bolt high steer arms
-Hydro Assist
-Homemade extended shock towers and modified RBV coil buckets w/ internal bumpstop
-Homemade radius arms with 1.25" Johnny Joint ends
-Narrowed Gen 1 Lightning 31 Spline 8.8 w/ OX selectable locker, disc brakes, 5.13's, trussed, welded tubes, and Yukon Chromos w/ C-Clip elim
-2" Chevy lowering shackles
-PS cooler
-PS spin on filter
-High flow PSC Saginaw pump w/-12 AN can
-1qt+ External PS resi
-'98+ one piece rear drive shaft (shortened for doubler)

-'78 Thunderbird Front calipers
-EBC Green Stuff pads
-'02 F150 Lightning rear calipers
-'98 Super Duty Hydroboost
-1-Ton brake master
-ABS removed (not unplugged, but completely removed and plug depinned)

Transmission, Transfer case(s)
-Hybrid M50D Transmission (4.0 trans w/ 2.5 gear ratios)
-Homemade billet aluminum short throw (15% shorter throw than a Hurst)
-Manual Tcase swap w/ BW1354
-1350/1354 Doubler

Engine, Cooling
-98tm block
-90tm Keith Black pistons
-Stage 2 port and polish Morana heads
-ARP headstuds and rod hardware
-SOHC girdled pan
-Comp Cams 422 cam and dual valve springs
-Smith Bros Pushrods
-Engine oil cooler
-3" exhaust with Thrush welded
-Stainless Ceramic JBA Headers
-66mm BBK TB
-Homebrewed High-Idle setup
-Homemade snorkel w/ pre-cleaner

Exterior, Body Armor
-Homemade HD front and rear bumpers, tailgate, and backrack w/ LED taillights
-Boxed/reinforced frame horns
-Aluminum belly skid
-Tree/Rock sliders
-Cut and rolled fenders
-Aluminum pop out windows
-Homemade tubed core support
-Thunder bolt mirror glass w/ LED turn signals
-Explorer mirrors w/ puddle lights
-Clear corner lights
-'03 Tail lights
-'93 4x4 grille w/ Yellow Ford emblem
-Removable mirrors
-20% Window Tint

-Pillar pod w/ Autometer UltraliteII Oil pressure and Voltage gauges
-Custom aluminum switch panel w/ Autometer UltraLiteII wideband, boost, and temp gauge
-Modified radio bezel with HVAC vents deleted
-Explorer full length center console, dual lighted sun visors, and overhead console
-FX4 LvlII Seats
-FX4 LvlII silver gauge cluster & HVAC panel
-Rubber Floor

Electrical, Lighting
-130w KC Daylighters
-2 130w KC 69 Series
-Dual Optima batteries
-Aux fuse box for lights, horn, etc.
-2 Memphis 10" Subs
-Memphis 1100w amp
-Pioneer Head unit w/ Bluetooth
-Pioneer speakers

-150A 12V disconnects
-receiver mounted Warn M8000 winch
-Remote Battery terminals
-High mount breather manifold for Transfer case, Doubler, and rear axle.

Supercharged engine build is currently in the parts gathering phase, but it will be a while before the truck goes down for open heart surgery. I am going to wheel it this spring/summer since the truck seems to hold its own in its current state.

I think the truck earned the Ranger "Custom" emblems

I built this whole truck while working a full time job and paying my way through college, so bear with me. Its been a leaning process with plenty of trial and error.

It wanted a truck that was streetable and comfortable, so I can cruise an hour or two to go wheelin' and still be dependable enough to drive home.


Little more character was added over the last year and a half...


Thanks for looking

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I just picked up my next victim. Its a 95 Super Cab, 4.0 5 speed 4x4.
No rust anywhere:yahoo: It also has tilt, cruise, pwr windows, mirrors, and locks.

I almost have my entire lift, All I need are some extended brakelines and rear shocks.
I am going to run a 4 inch skykacker TTB brackets and some 4 inch coils (for now), I am in the process of making my cross member and finishing up my ext rad arms. I have Chevy leaves and lowering shackles for the back. I am also planning on throwing a disc brake 31 spline under there. I already put on Warn lock outs. I am currently making a deal on 33" BFG AT's and some black steelies.

I can't wait to start, I am still fixing all the little things the guy before me left. I already put new wheel bearings, rotors, pads, brake lines, and calipers in the front. I need to put new cab mounts on and replace the spring hangers (perfect time to move them foward 6 inches:D)

I am also planning on swapping my bumpers, light bar and brand new black 130w KC's off my old rig.

Mark_88 07-19-2009 11:38 AM

Nice truck...I would like a 5 speed 4x4 too...and it's the right color for me...

PlumCrazy 07-20-2009 06:47 AM

Finding a 95-97 5 speed 4x4 Super cab Ranger was a lot harder than expected. I had to drive two hours to get it.

PlumCrazy 07-28-2009 11:13 PM

I decided to do a little interior work before I tore into the suspension and bumpers.

Heres what I got done so far, I swapped out the nasty, musty, stained carpet for a full rubber floor (found at the JY in like new condition for 5.99). I also cut down the 60/40 seat to buckets and put in a full length center console (I was lucky enough to find an Exploder with a blue interior.). I don't have any good pics of the OHC or lighted visors yet though.
I paid 99 cents for a scrap of black nylon material at Wal mart and played around with my mom's sewing machine,(Its kind of scary how nice it turned out)
Goodbye carpet
My amp fits just right under the center console
I made a filler plate for the back of the console since I don't need A/C controls and the
I had to notch out the back panel and remove the cargo cover and net to make room for my subs

I also decided to make my light installation a little bit cleaner on this truck than my last one. I removed the cover where a pass side air bag would be located in the newer Rangers and installed a fuse box from a 94 that I rewired to fit my needs. I wired it so the first six blade fuses in the box fuse the six 30 amp relays, the six relays will power my fog lights, driving lights, roof lights, reverse/cargo lights, and my air horn. I also ran a power wire to my switch panel that off of one of the mini fuse slots. I ran 4 gauge wire from the battery to my new fuse box. I bought a battery with the dual termals (top post and side post) so that my 2 gauge stereo power and my 4 gauge fuse box power wire had a nice clean place to bolt on to.

I will snap a few pics of the fuse box and OHC tomorrow. I am still looking for blue vinyl/leather seats and a radio that will light up the same color as my OHC and cluster. I

That Baker Guy 07-28-2009 11:19 PM

man nice find and you wasted no time on makin it yours

PlumCrazy 07-28-2009 11:35 PM

I had all ready planned on doing it before I bought the truck. I would have bought all the stuff before hand, but I didn't know what color interior I would end up with. I was also planning on swapping out the whole interior for gray, but then I found an Exploder with a blue interior, so I figured what the hell might as well keep the blue. I also picked up a gauge pillar pod and sprayed it with some Duplicolor vinyl & plastic paint. I just the blue color that Advance Auto stocks, and it matched perfect:yahoo:.


WNY964x4 07-29-2009 12:56 AM

i must say plum i hate you :thefinger:

that truck is almost identical to my 96 , the only difference is mine was a year newer and green and was all manual options , i would kill to have mine back

oh , and mine had a moonvisor

Jay FX4 07-29-2009 01:08 AM

I'm loving the build so far! Excellent work!

PlumCrazy 07-29-2009 04:21 PM

I have crappy pic of my OHC and Visors.

I got my gauge pod painted and mocked up, I am still waitng on my gauges. I ordered an Autometer Z-series volt meter and oil pressure gauge ( I wanted something a little more accurate than the "dummy light" gauges that are on the cluster.) I am still trying to find bulb covers so the gauges will light up the same aqua color as my cluster.
The blue paint matches perfect

I decided to go with a dual terminal battery so it is easy to pull power for my extra fuse box and my amp.

Here is a pic of my fuse box that I rewired and installed it the pass side air bag compartment.

I used to two seperate relays that are controlled by one switch for the roof lights because I figured one 30 amp relay wouldn't hold up to four 130w KC's. I also ran a 12 gauge power wire to the rear of the truck in case I need 12 volt power for anything. (like my 40 gal desiel tank with a 12 volt pump). I soldered and heat shrinked all my connections.
I labeled the box so that you get a better idea of how it is wired up.

I pulled the bed off and dropped dropped the fuel tank. I plan to start cutting off the old hangers soon. I snapped a few pics of the new brackets.

Chevy 2 inch drop shackle on my new Ranger hanger. I am also replacing all the 14mm spring bolts with 9/16 grade 8 bolts.

I sat the new hanger about where it will be relocated to. I will have to modify the cab/bed mount bracket. and fab up a new parking brake cable holder.

WNY964x4 07-29-2009 08:52 PM

i spoke to soon , i just picked up a 97 Ex. Cab , 4.0 4x4 5 speed , all power options cruise , with FACTORY buckets and 130k on it for $1500 :thefinger: :thefinger:

but yours looks good man

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