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Sorry I was gone, had to help a family member with a flooding issue, apparently my phone lost texting ability, so I'll take photo's with wife's phone & text tonight. Also my computer is not needed, as there is no program & I still have to remove the add on fuel pump . ps. Did you check out the Vortech web site, install manual, I wish they all installed this easy. , Michael.
Well none of the scrapping happened.... since replacing the o rings only worked for getting as far as up the street. It started spewing gas out of the regulator. Went to the junk yard got replacements. Still pissing gas! So going to get an entirely new part and then wait and see. Posting on forums to ask for additional issues to cause this.
Beautiful ❤ purple paint on that Ranger of yours!
Thanks Jake, but I prefer to call it Burgundy, like a fine wine.
Jake Star
Jake Star
Burgundy it is! I am going with the desert theme and putting a sajuaro cactus hood ornament lol
Helped my dad with the front and rear shocks. Thinking of not doing add a leafs? The load assist raised the rear plenty.
Found a gas leak when I popped the hood, replaced the O rings for that.
Rides a bunch better now (who knew lol)
Going to test out the load assist with a blown up lawnmower and some more scrap sometime this week, 😁😅 should be fun.
Is your 94 RANGER 4.0l a non EGR system as I am doing a 2.9 to 94 non EGR swap and need some pieces.
It is a non-EGR but I’m still using the truck until I get my 5.0 built. If your still looking for parts when I’m ready to get rid of it, I will gladly let you know or if I see one in a local junk yard I’ll also let you know. What parts are you looking for?
Thank you for alerting me.

I primarily need a complete wire harness and computer. The next most important is the upper intake manifold. Beyond that are just little items I can easily grab from local yards.
Yes my engine is a from a 94 non EGR Ranger.
"New" member... 11 years and 693 posts later... you can smell "the new"... ;')
I have a 96 ford ranger and got a trans out of the junk yard come to find out it is out of 98 ford explore i am guessing it is a 5r55e and was wonder if i could make it work i only have shifting issues let know if possible with out major costs
Ranger Mark,
I saw your post about swapping a speedometer cluster from an explorer into a Ranger and you said you had to swap some pins around to make some indicator lights work. Any chance you could tell me what those pins were?
Thank you,
Ranger Mark
Unfortunately I lost all my info but it was simple stuff. Overdrive off lit up 4x4, etc. Also check the forums, I found info there.
ok... thank you..
Hello, I'm located in Clarksville Tn. If you decide you need another 4.0 ohv, and you don't find one closer, I do have a spare with about 40,000 miles on it. pm me here or e-mail I also have a 94 & 97 Rangers 4.0/5speed/2wd/ extended cab that I will be stripping for parts. Let me know if interested?.
If I can't find one close what would you have to have for the 4.o ohv motor
If I can't find one close how much do you want for the 4.0 ohv motor
joined about a month or two ago I have a 1983 Ford Ranger 4 banger and I live in Torrington Ct