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LOL, what are you doing here, cheating on the 6.7?
LOL, no just figured since I got the '01 Ranger, I should find a place to BS about it. It might as well have been a 6.0 for all the money I've sunk in it so far.
Yeah I got a 96 ranger for my boy to drive to school. Figured it'd be cheaper than his 91 F350. The automatic trans isn't locking the TC up and the mileage sucks. Trying to decide whether to fix it or do a manual trans swap.
Which engine? 4.0? I'm guessing it's a 4R44 trans. If so, they're not all that complicated. I just went through mine (5R55E, but same basic trans) because thre PO had ruptured the cooler in the radiator and the coolant delaminated the friction material on the 3rd gear band. Mine's a 4x4 4.0 SOHC with 4.10 gears. I'm getting about 17 mpg driving it to work and back. Was hoping for more like 20. My 6.7 gets 18. LOL
when you realize that everything leaks and is caked in dirt so you cant figure out the bolt size
Been busy at work finally pulled the ranger out of garage and fixed tire after the mud bogs back in july
I noticed a Rock-auto discount code on the site advertising the patch. Is that accessible, or just for that one post?
It was seen on the July 19th (2019) post above the posting by rascan.
Eric... just wanted to say thank you for the patch. I know I need to get myself into this century with a paypal account.
Hey looking for some quick answers on my project before I start pulling things apart and open a can of worms thanks
86merc5.0 here, do you need a set of factory brackets. ps I'm located in Clarksville Tn.. Michael.
I'm new to this station, I'm grateful for your on the spot response. Unfortunately I am not able or don't have the resources at this time to pay the low fee of 5.00.
Thank you