2002 Ranger XLT for sale - Needs Engine - Charlotte, NC

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Oct 29, 2015
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Coppied the following from my craigslist ad. Let me know if:
a) you're interested
b) you have advice/possible solutions to try
c) you have a 3.0 to sell me

As always thanks for all the help!

My daily driver for the past 5 years needs a new engine - cylinder 1 rings are shot due to a slow headgasket leak. Truck runs as is right now but has a pretty bad misfire on cylinder 1 and a check engine light on, coolant temperature goes all over the place. The shop it is getting repaired at is offering to waive my $1000 bill from the work they've already done for them to keep the truck and replace the engine. I want to see if I can get any better offers on craigslist. It's been a good truck and hasn't ever given me issues until this recent headgasket problem.

The image shown is not my actual truck, just a sample of one that looks very close to mine

Here's the truck's specs:
2002 Ford Ranger XLT - Forest Green
Extended Cab w/ clamshell rear doors
2wd, automatic transmission, 3.0 vulcan v6 (non flex-fuel version)
210,000ish miles - truck is sitting at the shop right now so I don't have exact mileage - might be closer to 211,000
Power windows, locks, mirrors. Comes with 1 Key and 1 keyfob for unlocking/locking doors.

Has a few dents/scratches on the dark green paint - nothing out of the ordinary for a 17 year old pickup truck and it still looks good. Pretty clean overall. 4 inch tear in driver seat. UWS toolbox with 2 keys that both work. Drop-in plastic bedliner. 2" ball on bumper, no tow package.

Tires are 237/75-R15 Goodyear Wrangler SRA's - they were put on in January 2017 and have about 50% tread left. New radiator, and thermostat last month, both sides of headgaskets were replaced in October of 2017, although the passenger side has now failed and caused the rings in cylinder 1 to fail. Both heads were checked in October 2017 for warpage/cracks and passed with flying colors, passenger side was checked last week again and passed again.

Since I bought the truck in May 2014, I have replaced the following:
Fuel pump and in-tank filter
Fuel filter
Shocks/Struts (August 2018)
Ball joints/control arms (July 2015)
Sway bar links (August 2018)
Front and rear brakes (July 2017)
Front wheel bearings/seals (July 2017)
Ignition coil/wires
Crank Positioning Sensor
Water pump (October 2017)

Open to offers over $1000

EDIT: added the image mentioned above