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  1. Josh B

    Cameras and Imaging

    Me and cameras go way back. I was never a big time camera owner but at least never took shots of anybodies feet. Then came the digital computer age. I didn't even get a computer of any use until after the Y2K thing, but then dove in head first. Can't say it didn't get bumped around a few times...
  2. Josh B

    Auto Transmission for 96 Explorer,Not just which will fit, but Which one to hope to find?

    I'm hoping to make it over to Pik-N-Pay tomorrow, hoping to find a transmission for a 96 Explorer XLT 4.0 Automatic 4WD. The list of available Explorers is all I can get online with absolutely no further details, simply make and model At the desk they'll ask what I'm looking for and search their...
  3. Josh B

    Automatic Shift Lever and Cable Adjustments

    I have been having considerable difficulty in getting my shift lever in harmony with my transmission. In every description of this operation I have found, both at the shift lever and at the transmission linkage, it instructs one to place the lever in the "D" position and hang a 3 pound weight on...
  4. Josh B

    Beginning Electrical Board Repairs

    Couldn't really find a definite spot to land this, so if it needs moved have at it :) I looked for awhile but not even the Non RBV Tech seemed to be a good fit There's been a number of threads addressing vehicle computer boards and replacing the Capacitors, something any of us might find...
  5. Josh B

    OBD1 Coil Pack = OBD2 ?

    Is an OBD1 coil pack equal to an OBD2? They both have the same plug, the same firing order, and of course, the same plug wires
  6. Josh B

    96 Explorer Won't Start but Can Jumper Relay

    Yesterday I was leaving to go to a family thing and already running late but it wouldn't start. The dash lights and fan came on but went off when I turned the key to start. The dome lights seemed a bit weak so I thought maybe the battery had gone dead (new battery). The Ranger has an almost new...
  7. Josh B

    96 4.0 OHV Plugs and Wires

    I've actually searched for this(simple for many of you) answer well over an hour and came up empty, including one through the 4.0 forums until realizing it was already back to 2012, and still no clue. I went in Autozone earlier to get plugs and wires. On the wires, the lady helping me(after...
  8. Josh B

    Wheels that fit a 96 Explorer?

    One of the rare occassions finding vehicles at wrecking yard with wheels still on them I decided to look for mine a spare(it didn't come with one) Even if the pattern doesn't match I'd still rather have a designer than a simple steel rim, but wasn't sure what years would fit the 96 Explorer 4...
  9. Josh B

    96 4WD Explorer 4R55E transmission problems

    I got it tagged, titled, and insured , took it and gased it up yesterday, drove about 60 miles, the transmission is my main concern as it's not doing well. I had previously adjusted the linkage per the Haynes manual, a simple adjustment but it still finds R in N and D in 2 (the OD is working)...
  10. Josh B

    96 4.0 Explorer XLT 4x4 Getting it back on the road

    I'm going to just start a tread on this to maybe keep it together rather than spread all over the place. I had to find something to get me through because my Ranger was rapidly approaching its demise, at least the motor was. Began looking around for a second vehicle or at least a replacement...
  11. Josh B

    Pipes and Pickers halloween holiday sale 50% off 10/30-11/02

    Folks in the SW Ark, NW La, NE Tx, and SE Ok areas might be interested in this. Just saw the emails today Pipes you-pull-it in Shreveport, LA, and Pickers, in Reno, Tx, and Texarkana, Ark. are having a 50% off sale Oct. 30 thru Nov. 02. Unless you decline it, they automatically add 25% to all...
  12. Josh B

    4R55E in 96 Explorer w/4.0 Low pressure in Tranny? Need pump info

    Just bought a 96 Explorer with what appears to be a well cared for 4.0 engine. The transmission shifter is definitely out of adjustment but I think I've found the cure for that in the shift linkage adjustment in an old Haynes manual, but I've yet to put it on stands(probly in the next few days)...
  13. Josh B

    Is a 5.0 from 93 F150 suitable for straight swap into a 93 Ranger W/4.0 ?

    Well, I guess the title pretty much says it The 5.0 F150 has an auto transmission, the 94 has stick M50D
  14. Josh B

    M50D Transmission 1354 TC won't pull together

    I have a M50D transmission from a rebuilder, that's had numerous flaws in it, but it's in the truck and I started it and shifted it through the gears(drive shaft not installed) and it seemed to be working ok in that mode, trouble is I can't get the transfer case to pull on it. It's been a slow...
  15. Josh B

    Starter Bolt Hole in Trans Stripped! Any Ideas?

    Any ideas what to do with that? Just putting the truck back together after installing a "rebuilt" transmission. Put the bottom bolt in and tightened it up, then got up top and started the top bolt in, got a few threads in and put a 1/4" ratchet W/ 1/2" socket in there and started turning it, it...
  16. Josh B

    Home Town's First Store, pre 1909, labeled "Indian Territory"

    Friday afternoon I went to see how things looked at the local County Fair. It was rather quiet there afternoons, I had also gone awhile the day before, but this time had my camera. One booth had lots of old photos of the county, and this one I wanted was a shot of the first store in my tiny...
  17. Josh B

    "Pickers" Specials

    Pickers places in NE TX has a 50% off sale through Labor Day, So I went today and did some scavenging. Got an armrest (my truck didn't have one when I bought it in 2006, and the one I found then cost me $75) for a price I can't tell , haha, it's not worn as much as mine is now, but I've been...
  18. Josh B

    Pilot Bearing Removal

    I recently pulled my transmission (after the throw-out bearing dismantled itself in front of a store, and having to get a friend to pull me home, about 10 or 12 miles on mostly dirt back roads, thankfully all the pieces were already in place, but this was supposed to been just "one more trip to...
  19. Josh B

    My First Ford Ranger

    My First Ford Ranger I was driving an 80 Chevy LUV. Someone at church said they had a friend who wanted a vehicle gone, i was like, "who cares", but eventually succumbed to going by there and checking it out. It was an 87 2wd I can't remember when I first talked to them, before or after...
  20. Josh B

    M50D R1 Going to be getting busy with some swapping

    My rebuilt arrived late Friday and now it's got to go in. The rebuilt has no opening for the backup light switch but I have a donor trans which came from the salvage yard that has the switch already installed, so I'll have to swap covers. There's reason for me to believe the donor trans was...