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  1. 09fx4guy

    ABS Kicks in at low speed while braking

    Good Morning everybody! So, here is where I am at. I have a 2009 Ranger (FX4). Truck has 38000 miles, in good shape. The ABS system recently started kicking in when braking and turning at low speeds, like say pulling into a parking spot at a store. It has continued and now will engage when...
  2. 09fx4guy

    Mystery Noise 5r55e

    Good Afternoon Everybody! My trans has been making an intermittent noise every so often. Background- 2009 FX4 Auto, only 37000 on the clock. The truck has been mine since new. Never had any problems. It sometimes made a very slight squeal when I put it into reverse, I could usually only...
  3. 09fx4guy

    Pickup bed rust

    Hello All, I have been noticing that there has been more rust popping up on my truck over the last few years. I live in NJ which uses roadsalt and brine from December to March even when there is no snow lol. I have tried to do some cleaning and painting with the pickup bed on but it doesn't...
  4. 09fx4guy

    Front D35 Bearings

    Hello All, I just started doing the install of a torsen diff on the front of my 2009 Ranger. I make it a habit to always try to have any and all parts before I start a project. Most everything seems in order except one little snag. When ordering parts on Rockauto it listed the following...
  5. 09fx4guy

    Belltech 6400 Shackle

    Hello Everyone, I have been getting ready to do some work on my truck now that the warmer weather is coming. Doing the pre key mod on the front, extended shocks if needed, and planning on a small lift in the rear. I had originally thought of getting a set of 2.5 inch factory blocks, but then...
  6. 09fx4guy

    Torsion key Lift 08-up

    Good Afternoon, I own a 2009 fx4 Ranger that is currently bone stock as far as suspension, it came from the factory with b rated torsion bars. Since ive owned the truck ive always wanted to lift/level the front of the truck to get rid of the factory rake. My ultimate goal is just to be somewhat...
  7. 09fx4guy

    Hey Everybody

    Hey everybody, I have been a member here for awhile, but never got around to saying hello. Hope all is well with everybody.
  8. 09fx4guy

    Aux. switches

    Ok, i am new to the forum, so bear with me. I got a 09 FX4 Ranger about a year ago, and i am thinking about adding some off road lights and other stuff that requires aux. switches. Any ideas on where i can put them in the truck, or, if i would be able to get an upfitter switch kit for a super...