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  1. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Finally some options for the RBV crowd!

    Looks like NWF (North West Fab) is going to be offering an adapter that will allow the D300, NP205, Atlas, and their Blackbox Underdrive to easily mate to the Ranger, bronco and explorer transmission. Previously there was nearly no options available. Designed to fit in place of the BW1350 and...
  2. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Ranger vs Garage

    Needed to tear down the small garage currently on my property to make way for my big shop that I am putting up. I was tearing it down by hand and got bored of that...soooooo
  3. Sasquatch_Ryda

    My 2002 Sport Trac

    So I sold my 97 Ranger that I was using for my daily driver a while back and picked up the 2002 Sport Trac. Being that I can't leave anything is how it ended up today Its got a 3" body lift, 2" torsion crank and extended rancho shocks, and rear shackles. I also swapped my...
  4. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Longer shocks after torsion crank

    Hey I've got the torsion bars cranked 2" on my sport trac and the shocks are now topping out over bigger bumps. Anyone know of a longer front shock other than the Rancho's listed in the tech library.....not a big fan of Rancho's.... Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk
  5. Sasquatch_Ryda

    I hate moving...

    Spent my day packing up my shop and getting everything ready to move to our new house....what a pain! Emptied my 20x24 garage Into this to store it till we get settled into the new place 7x12 enclosed trailer....might just be over the 2500 lbs weight limit...whoops!
  6. Sasquatch_Ryda

    New addition to the shop

    I have had a smaller horizontal band for a bit now and used the hell out of it, so when I got a chance at a bigger one for a damn good price I couldn't pass it up. Gonna start cleaning up it tomorrow and will be putting it on casters to move it around the shop a bit easier.
  7. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Couple fun pictures from work

    Always fun when you get an RO that states "engine will not start" So you go outside and try to start it and it does fire up, knocking like crazy and lacking a lot of power. So in the shop she goes, up with the cab and out with the engine. Enjoy. Waiting on a new short block now...
  8. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Added another one to the stables

    Well....I added another one to my collection.....something to keep my poor 72 Mustang company. Bought a 1967 Mustang Coupe with the 289/C4 auto. Car is pretty much bone stock. It had been in a barn for about the last 17 years of its life. I am the 3rd owner of the car, but unfortunately the...
  9. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Got the 97 looking like a truck...

    Well since the 91 is under the knife getting tons, links and 40's I figured the 97 could use some attention too. Plus I had the lift from the 91 kicking around and couldn't bring myself to sell it, figured I might as well recycle it all into the 97 including the diffs from the 91. Specs are...
  10. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Something interesting in the shop the other day....

    This rolled into the shop the other day at work....kinda a nifty little rig.
  11. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Narrowed D60 front axle and Sterling 10.25 rear axle builds

    That is all. :headbang:
  12. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Trouble Bleeding your clutch?

    Watch this helpful video: HgNTDGwcjZc
  13. Sasquatch_Ryda

    You know you stand behind your product when.... Guy has some balls.
  14. Sasquatch_Ryda


    Seeing as its starting to get warmer out I figured it was about time I got out the hose and gave the truck a good washing to get the winter grime off it. I just got the wheels and tires for it Friday, mounted them up and balanced them. They are LT275/70R18 Goodyear Duratrac's mounted on 18x9...
  15. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Ok...opinions needed

    Alright, I've been scouring the internet trying to find a rim that I actually like for my 2003 F350 SRW. I finally found one by Eagle Alloys that I really liked, but they have no stock on it in chrome like I want and cannot tell me when there will be more they could tell me was...
  16. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Newest tool score!

    I was browsing the local classifieds online today and stumbled across this benchtop shear for sale. All the ad said was 30" handle throatless shear - $45.00. So I called the guy and set up a time to go look at it. I go to see what it is expecting it to be some princess auto junker. What I found...
  17. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Check this kid out :icon_rofl:
  18. Sasquatch_Ryda

    Do not start topics about downloading music!

    Please do NOT post any topics regarding software to download free music. The topics will be locked and deleted. Thank You.
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    Did another box

    Well I did another bush box for my buddy's Toyota. This one was built originally for a full size pickup with a 6 foot box. We had to shorten it up and narrow it to fit the bobbed Toyota better. Here's some pics from when we picked it up and dragged it home from the next town was sorta...
  20. Sasquatch_Ryda

    First trail run for about 3 months now....

    Finally got the ranger all back together after wrecking a bunch of crap back in August. Was a good run...hit one of our older trails that has changed a lot over the years...winter and the spring thaws are hard on it and it is constantly changing/sluffing. It's always good for a challenging day...