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  1. cbxer55

    99 Ranger 3.0 Engine coolant issues

    Ron always has the longest answers. But the best. Years ago, my sister called me over to her pad due to troubles with her S-10. Sitting there idling, engine cold, the water in the overflow tank was boiling madly. And that's what I told her, either a bad head gasket or a cracked head. Ended up...
  2. cbxer55

    Cybertruck Reveal

    And now "Hummer" itself jumping on the lectric sparky bandwagon. LMAO! They are all ugly and this one is no exception. Likely never see a day off road. Just another virtue signalling device.
  3. cbxer55

    3.0 Spark Plug Gap

    And aside from all that. after I put the MAC intake on mine in 2002, some years later I tried to reinstall the factory intake. The performance was so poor compared to what I'm used to, that I removed the entire thing and trashed it so I would never make that mistake again. The stock intake has a...
  4. cbxer55

    3.0 Spark Plug Gap

    With the exception of my Lightning, which I run NGK plugs, I buy plugs for my Ranger and Mustang from my local FORD dealer. They always have them, properly gapped. My dealer is 3.5 miles away. Maybe you don't have one close to you?
  5. cbxer55

    3.0 Spark Plug Gap

    Maybe it is a hot air, maybe it isn't. I have tubes on all my vehicles, that mount under the bumper and route air from outside the engine compartment up into the area the filter occupies. My Ranger, Lightning and Mustang all have them. When it's cold outside, as it is now, the intakes on all...
  6. cbxer55

    3.0 Spark Plug Gap

    Which is exactly what happened when I tried them. Gone in 5000 miles or less. Still ran though. I took them out just to see what they looked like, and found iirc the three on the passenger side had no center electrodes at all.
  7. cbxer55

    3.0 Spark Plug Gap

    I recently put one of these on my 4.0 Mustang, and am intending the same for my 3.0 soon.[]=ENGINE|3.0L And this is as close as you can get to the one I have. Mine is a MAC, not...
  8. cbxer55

    3.0 Spark Plug Gap

    Yeah, like us Lightning guys reduce the gap when we up boost beyond stock. I run NGK TR-6 gapped at .032 in mine. IIRC, stock gap is up around .060. But more boost can "blow out" the spark if the gap is too wide.
  9. cbxer55

    3.0 Spark Plug Gap

    I put some of those fancy iridium plugs in my Ranger some years ago, Bosch. Ate the center electrodes out of them in 5000 miles. Also tried some of those E3 plugs, gone in 5000 miles. Good old Motorcraft double platinum plugs in it now since January 2017. Since the ignition on these fires two...
  10. cbxer55

    Traction bar/Pahnard bar

    If you look at the traction bars on my Lightning in the pics above, the way they mount basically turns the rear suspension into a four link of sorts. The front and rear spring mounts are two, the front and rear of the long bars the other two. Here's an article on traction bars from a guy who...
  11. cbxer55

    Traction bar/Pahnard bar

    While a panhard bar may not be necessary, after putting it on my L I could tell the difference the first time I took it around my favorite curvy road. And the amount of lateral movement isn't much, likely a half inch or less. Another nice thing is that on Lightnings, every one I've seen, the...
  12. cbxer55

    Traction bar/Pahnard bar

    Panhard bars prevent side-to-side movement in leaf spring suspensions. There have been several companies that make custom setups for Lightnings over the years I've owned them. My Lightning currently has a BroncoBeater panhard bar on it. I could tell the difference after I mounted it. First pic...
  13. cbxer55

    I Made a 2.5l Sound Like it's Screaming America

    Neither does Oklahoma. I have the EGR valve on both my Lightning and Ranger deleted. On the Lightning to make plug changes easier. The Ranger because it was defective, and why bother replacing the pos? I still have the cats on my Ranger, but wonder if they're still good. Smelly exhaust. But no...
  14. cbxer55

    3.0 engine failure: how to prevent it?

    Myself, I simply remove the sensor and drop some oil down in there. I use a syringe with a hose on it and put the oil, slowly into the area. Watch the level go down as the oil sinks in. Put sensor back on and motor on. I use a small wrench to loosen and tighten the two bolts. Never been a...
  15. cbxer55

    1989 Ford Ranger Custom Supercharged 5.0 HO, 5 speed

    Nah. Don't need another gas hog. It looks nice though. Appears to be a Vortech blower. They are LOUD! A friend has a first generation Lightning with one of those. The first generations have a 351 Windsor under the hood, normally aspirated. I helped him do the install of the blower. Nice running...
  16. cbxer55

    New Wheels 1989 cobra ranger

    I have 255/60-15s on the back of mine, and 205/70s up front. They do not stick out at all, but are flush with the tops of the fenders. Also, like t he OPs truck, have dual exhaust sticking out in front of the tire, no muffler.
  17. cbxer55

    New Wheels 1989 cobra ranger

    I live in Oklahoma and have the intake heat deleted on my 98 3.0. Never been a problem in the 20 years I've owned the truck. Starts and runs fine, even below freezing.
  18. cbxer55

    Are dump trucks responsible for windshields?

    That's what they said as well. They did a complete redo, of everything in the windshield area. Practically took it down to bare metal. Took a lot longer than the first time. This was in 2015. Hasn't happened again since.
  19. cbxer55

    Died during idle wont stay running

    I heard that if idled too long, the IAC gets overworked and can go bad. Ford IACs are known to be weak in any event. I had many Auto Zone made in Mexico IACs go bad on me, usually right around the end of the one year warrantee. I finally found that AZ offers a "Premium" IAC, made by Hitachi in...