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  1. 1996xlt

    2004-2010 Floor Mats in 2002?

    Yep, same floor pan from at least 98'-11'.
  2. 1996xlt

    96 4.0 Explorer XLT 4x4 Getting it back on the road

    Yeah I never realized how much difference a set of shocks would make until I put them on my last truck (Ranger) but, I know I badly need a set on my 95' F150; like riding in a canoe on a water bed.
  3. 1996xlt

    96 4.0 Explorer XLT 4x4 Getting it back on the road

    Can't help you much on the transmission issue but, I had a 96' as well and thought I'd offer my insight on a few things: -The vacuum disconnect front hubs will quit on you at the most inconvenient time (I got stuck on the beach for a while), if you want a live axle, swap to a front axle from a...
  4. 1996xlt

    Stock lower ball joint replacement

    I used the same removal process the last time I did them on my 02', but used the press tool for install. Took me 3x-4x as long the first time I did it on my 96' explorer, but the majority of that time was incorrectly using the press (thankfully I didn't hurt myself or the truck)...lesson learned!
  5. 1996xlt


    Sold mine about a year ago today. Rust was becoming a concern and truth be told I would've preferred a manual. It was my second RBV and likely won't be my last.....Bronco IIs and Explorer Sports keep catching my eye.
  6. 1996xlt

    Personalized Tags

    As a former resident of the Virginia Communistwealth, I gave up a long time ago on personalized plates. *rant* After dad and I finished the restoration of my 67' all I wanted to do was get HTBULIT plates or "Hard-top Bullitt" (pic to the left doesn't show it but its Highland Green), we paid...
  7. 1996xlt

    new thread sticky??? What sweet deal did you get today??

    A new set of rims for the F150 for $110. Like these with center caps and they'll polish up really well:
  8. 1996xlt

    What else you got?

    I actually don't have a RBV in our fleet anymore (sold my Ranger last year), but here's whats left: 1967 Mustang (see avatar) 1995 F-150 XLT 2000 BMW Z3 2014 Honda CR-V (the wife's) I'm not attempting any major projects with any of them outside of routine maintenance until I can save up enough...
  9. 1996xlt

    1995 F-150 Mild Build Thread

    Had an odd occurrence with this truck a few weeks back, while at my local dump with it running as I off-loaded I heard an awful hissing/screeching with smoke rolling from under the hood. My initial thought was the A/C compressor seized (just my luck with automotive A/C systems) so I reached in...
  10. 1996xlt

    86 B2 Swapeverydamthing!

    I thought I recognized it when it popped up in my's your truck and a couple others that keep me wanting to pick one up.
  11. 1996xlt

    LED cigarette lighter replacement

    Swap in a dome light from a 95-04 mustang and overhead console from an 95-01 explorer, the two combined will give you more than enough light and will look factory installed. Check the tech section for further info.
  12. 1996xlt

    My 1996 Ford Ranger 4x4 (TRS-2) Re-Build

    I had most of them (there were six I think), I know I had the completed build copy but it's long gone sadly, it was a cool build to follow along. So was the editor out to lunch that day? A 1992?
  13. 1996xlt

    Restore Nerf Bars' Glory

    I'm sure it would stick if you prepped it, but it may chip over time with use. You can either remove the plastic or mask them off. The tread-portion you step on can be pried up and removed easily, the end caps have a barbed push-clip (you may have already seen by your pic above) that may break...
  14. 1996xlt

    Restore Nerf Bars' Glory

    I restored mine on my old 02' with some cleaning/sanding and some aerosol rustoleum bed-liner (the kind from Wal Mart.) The coating held up well and didn't chip very much either, but my steps were far too rusty internally (unbeknownst to me) and I ditched them and the brackets after I couldn't...
  15. 1996xlt

    Your request for a factory rock crawler/trail truck have been heard

    Now that I look at Ford's "build your own" site admittedly it'll most likely start around 65K (between Platinum and Limited Trims) and go up from there.
  16. 1996xlt

    Your request for a factory rock crawler/trail truck have been heard

    That new 7.3 is the selling point for me, but something tells me it'll have a starting price around $48-50K.
  17. 1996xlt

    Help name my mud truck

  18. 1996xlt

    '85 Ranger Restomod

    Come on down, watch out for snakes and skeeters.
  19. 1996xlt

    What is your opinion of this Ranger...

    Well if his choice of footwear was any indication (See pic 12); there certainly isn't an account of taste involved, let alone common sense in that build.
  20. 1996xlt

    '85 Ranger Restomod

    Forgive my ignorance, but why a bolted doubler vice cutting out the bad section of the frame and replacing it with that plate?