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  1. 09fx4guy

    replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    I used Pioneer G series 6x8 in my truck, which has the Pioneer stereo upgrade from the factory (subwoofer in center console). They seem to pair well with the subwoofer, and deliver good mid and high range. I think they were like 75 bucks for all 4 speakers and the wiring harness adapters...
  2. 09fx4guy

    Biggest Tire Size

    I didn't think so, but I had to ask. The results of attempting that would probably be funny. With a setup like that, the truck should be a beast. Are you going to put an 8.8 in the rear, or go big.
  3. 09fx4guy

    Biggest Tire Size

    Putting in a Cummins is a big change. I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Will that bolt up to the 5r55e?
  4. 09fx4guy

    Biggest Tire Size

    If I may ask, what gear ratio are you running? I have 4.10 gears and run a 265/70r16, and the performance is satisfactory. You could even go to the 265/75R16 without sacrificing too much performance. The 285/75R16 would make performance a little sluggish with 4.10 gears. If you are running 3.73...
  5. 09fx4guy

    Pull left

    Did it only pull that one time? Or has this become a recurring issue? Can you describe the conditions when the issue started? (Not trying to be difficult, but the more info we have, the better)
  6. 09fx4guy

    Just noticed a sale on Torsen units...

    I have had a Torsen in the rear since new, and it works so well on the road in snow/ ice, I got a Torsen for the front diff. Absolutely would do again. If you plan on building something for dedicated off road use, go with a locker in the rear. But if your truck will be spending a majority of...
  7. 09fx4guy

    Hella 100/80 watt bulbs.

    I think that the wiring could handle it, but are you willing to deal with the consequences if it can't? Like 4x4junkie said, get a pair of aux driving lights. Walmart sells the blazer driving lights for like $20, wiring and everything. Used them for several years on my bronco and never had a...
  8. 09fx4guy

    ‘94 4x4 Swap/Build thread

    Just went through this thread. Truck looks great, fantastic job with the bumpers. Keep up the good work.
  9. 09fx4guy

    Dana 35 SLA Torsen T-2 LSD

    As an owner of a Ranger with a Torsen in the front, GET IT!
  10. 09fx4guy

    Why is it necessary to change torsion bar key on 2008+ rangers?

    The keys for the later ranger will max out at a certain ride height. The older keys will reach that same height, and still have some more room to go higher. When you max out a set of keys, the ride will become harsher. When I upgraded and did not have the keys maxed out, the ride was noticeably...
  11. 09fx4guy

    Possible leveling set up

    Great! How does it seem to be working for you?
  12. 09fx4guy

    Possible leveling set up

    If I may make a recommendation, this is what I put onto my 09 FX4 Front- #1 Torsion bar, "pre key" torsion adjusters, and Rancho 5000x extended length front shocks Rear- Stock leafs, Edge blocks (2.5", not the 1.5"), and the belltech 6400 shackles. For the belltech, don't use the last hole in...
  13. 09fx4guy

    Bringing the nose up

    What is the code for the torsion bars? (F,B,1) If you have an F bar with 100,000 miles, it will sag a bit. You can switch to a #1 bar and get a bit of lift, Tasca carries them.
  14. 09fx4guy

    rear axle upgrade

    You can get gears and do a gear swap with your 7.5, but if it were me, I would look for an 8.8 and replace the entire axle. You may be able to find one with 4.10 with a Torsen. The 8.8 is an upgrade over the 7.5, if you plan on doing anything heavy duty.
  15. 09fx4guy

    Strange brake issue.

    I think I already replied to a previous post of this (you can look back and see). Long story short. I had the same problem, its a wheel speed sensor dropping out
  16. 09fx4guy

    Brakes go soft turning hard left when moving

    This honestly sounds exactly like my issue a while back, turning left into a parking space. It probably only does it at less than 5 mph. That shudder you feel is the abs module activating, because it thinks that the wheel is locking up. It is most likely a wheel speed sensor. I replaced both...
  17. 09fx4guy

    2008 Ford Ranger FX4 Leveling Kit and New Suspension Questions

    No problem. Tasca Ford sells bars. The bars used to be 160 each, but then they dropped to like 85. I picked up a set for 200 bucks with tax. They may even have the keys as well.
  18. 09fx4guy

    Decision between 235 75 R15 vs. 30 x 9.5 x 15

    I have the Grabber AT2's on my Ranger, 265-70R16. They ride ok (you know they are an at tire). There is some noise with them but it's not bad. Great in snow, fine off-road. I've never put them in mud but my guess is they would perform as well as an at tire could in mud. There are some still...
  19. 09fx4guy

    ABS Kicks in at low speed while braking

    Replaced the sensors last weekend (and upgraded to #1 torsion bars). The driver side sensor actually came apart when trying to remove it. The black plastic was stuck in the hole , managed to get it out with a pair of needlenose pliers. So far so good, new sensors were the ticket.
  20. 09fx4guy

    2008 Ford Ranger FX4 Leveling Kit and New Suspension Questions

    Put in #1 bars this weekend. A pretty big difference riding on #1 bars vs. b bars. If I were you, this is the setup I would use: #1 bars in front Pre 2007 torsion keys (lookup on here for info) Rancho lift shocks (RS 55374 in front, RS 55126 in rear. Rancho usually has a promotion in October...