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  1. dhdaniel

    Running Boards

    Westin are First class for sure. I bought a set for my 2017 F150. Easy to install and very sturdy. My Ranger came with Ford OEM running boards, but honestly I dont need them. But they look nice Dave
  2. dhdaniel

    Ford Owner Website issues

    I have Sync 3, the large display system, complete with wifi. This is the 3rd Sync 3 system I have Owned. None of mine have ever been able to update themselves, Even parked 10' from my home wireless. On my F150 and Explorer I was able to log into the owner section and download the update to a...
  3. dhdaniel

    Ford Owner Website issues

    I've been trying for some time to get into the with No success. Its normally a good site to keep up with recalls and maintenance and other good stuff. I'm trying to understand how to get the Waze app installed. Thanks Dave
  4. dhdaniel

    Auto Stop Eliminator for the 2019 Ranger

    The Disable button is quite large and placed in a very convenient location. It easy to add a simple button press at my startup process. I'll just leave it as is. I had a new '17 F150 and the folks on the big F150 forum pounded this feature to death. Forscan is easy if you must. But I refuse to...
  5. dhdaniel

    New Cap

    I really like it, Looks great and functional. I may consider one. Hate to guess what they cost. Awesome. Dave
  6. dhdaniel

    Anyone planning to add a leveling kit?

    Looks awesome.. Does that work on a 2wd as well? I'd actually prefer to lower the rear an inch or 2 Dave
  7. dhdaniel

    30 Day Mini review on New Ranger

    XLT 302a, 2 wheel drive, 18" wheels The Navigation is very usefull
  8. dhdaniel

    30 Day Mini review on New Ranger

    Had this truck about a month now. Thought I would mention a few things. Gas mileage is great. 75 mile round trip to work. Mileage is consistantly 24.5 to 25. The dashboard readout is 26. 5. I know the AFE Bias can be adjusted but not really needed. I had all windows tinted as dark as possible...
  9. dhdaniel

    Ford Extended warranty Best prices

    I know Zeigler Ford has a good website and good pricing for ESP's Any others? I'm ready to purchase one. Dave
  10. dhdaniel

    New 2019 Ford Ranger XLT

    Generally speaking, Your options are very limited. Crutchfield offers alot of info on certain models. When I had my 2017 F150 with Sync3, I struggled with a simple speaker upgrade. Ranger is new on the scene, Best of luck. Dave
  11. dhdaniel

    USB Ports in the new Ranger

    I can confirm. USB Flash drive does play MP3's and .wma Music files. Dave
  12. dhdaniel

    First review of my 2019

    Good morning, I thought I'd mention my initial findings on my new Ranger, Don't take these as complaints. Just my realizations Understand that I am comparing this to my 2019 Ford Explorer Limited, with the same 2.3 Ecoboost Negatives : Engine is loud on startup. Obviously this is due to the...
  13. dhdaniel

    Show us your 2019 Ford Ranger - Get a decal!

    My New Ranger XLT, Chrome package/302a Picture taken at Ellington Field Houston, Nasa has a huge presence here, Very close to Johnson Space Center. As well as the newly relocated LoneStar Flight Museum. Aircraft on display is Nasa's retired weighless trainer.
  14. dhdaniel

    Getting another Ranger, GOT IT TODAY!

    Its been a few months, Today I drove home an XLT with the 302a and Chrome package, 18" wheels in Lightning Blue. Its a nice ride, The dealers here in the Houston area are now getting a decent inventory. Plenty to choose from, I'll be able to report more in a few weeks of driving it. For certain...
  15. dhdaniel

    Getting another Ranger, GOT IT TODAY!

    Hello folks, been a while since I was here, I traded my tired 2006 Ranger in on a 2017 F150 STX, which is a fine truck but, time for a change. Anyway went back to my same dealer yesterday and drove the Ranger Lariat FX4, I really liked the ride quality, smoother than my F150, The interior was...
  16. dhdaniel

    Identify my trans 5 speed manual

    I'm trying to ID my 5 speed manual in my 2006 2.3l The door sticker has a trans code of "R" appreciate the help Dave
  17. dhdaniel

    coil gone bad? picture attached

    I went out and gave my 2.3 a close look, trying to diagnose a miss Looking at the factory original coil I found a massive crack across the front you can see it in the picture, I assume this could be my problem? Hopefully it will run for a bit longer, till I can afford the $80 coil thanks for...
  18. dhdaniel

    Need help diagnosing misfire

    My 2006 2.3 is ailing, I need help please! It starts & idles just fine, Runs up thru the gears just fine, Seems that when I apply heavier throttle in the higher gears, it wants to mis,spit, sputter what ever you want to call it. I can acheive 60-70 mph if I do it slowly. At 60, in 5th if I...