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  1. Freshmeat

    Bellhousing Bolt Size?

    I've had my 3.0 Vulcan motor sitting on the garage floor for about three years. Finally pulled it out to put it on the stand but can't find the bellhousing bolts. With a hurricane on its way I'd rather get it off the floor tonight just in case it does flood in my garage. Anyone know the...
  2. Freshmeat

    Any TN/KY/NC Members?

    I'm considering a move to Knoxville, TN. Anyone here in that general area? Curious about the lifestyle and industry in the area.
  3. Freshmeat

    Swap body or drivetrain?

    Soon I'll be tackling the task of swapping most of the drivetrain from a 4x4 '93 donor into my 4x2 '94 truck. Thinking about the engine crossmember and such... would it be easier to swap the bodies? Both are extra cabs so I'm not seeing why it wouldn't work. I know there's a lot of wiring going...
  4. Freshmeat

    Any difference from 93 to 94?

    Long story short, I'm looking at grabbing a 93 to drop the drivetrain into my 94. Can anyone think of a reason this wouldn't work? I know the slave cylinder changed at some point but figure I can use the 93 line also if needed.
  5. Freshmeat

    Quick Cylinder Head Question

    I know on most engines cylinder heads don't care whether they're on the left bank or right. I just want to confirm it to be true on the Vulcan 3.0. I cracked my right head at the exhaust flange. There's a '95 3.0 Ranger at the yard with the left side all stripped down. Just need to pull intake...
  6. Freshmeat

    Project Papa J

    My grandfather ordered his truck in 1993 as a 1994 year model truck. First year of Ford owning Mazda and he was so excited about all the great new things that would come of it. He was always very simple. It's a STX package with manual windows/locks, manual transmission, etc. I'm pretty sure the...
  7. Freshmeat


    I've been a member here for several years, mostly getting information for the random Ford trucks I've had. I'm back, this time checking up on information regarding a semi-restoration of my 1994 Ranger STX. The truck will never be sold and it has massive sentimental value to me, so before anyone...
  8. Freshmeat

    Will 4.0 t-case fit behind 3.0 transmission?

    I have a '94 Ranger 4x2 I'm thinking of converting to 4x4. If I can find a 4x4 3.0 transmission will it bolt to the case I have behind my 4.0/M5OD in the parts truck? Sorry for such a simple question that I could likely find if I was on a computer... this is just a little project that dropped...
  9. Freshmeat

    Clearancing passenger axle window?

    Tearing down my D35 for some maintenance and wanting to do all I can to get the most out of it while it's apart. I have searched for over an hour but can't find any detail on clearancing the window other than pretty much everyone saying they've done it. Can someone help me out with a link here...
  10. Freshmeat

    Freshmeat's Explorer EB on 34s (for now)

    Freshmeat's Explorer EB on 34s (SAS Build) This started back in July, when my girlfriend gave me my Explorer for my birthday. In May I almost bought a 4-door JK, but opted instead for a DD/tow rig, to then buy a beater 4x4 I could thrash without having to worry about breaking anything. After...
  11. Freshmeat

    My Suspension Plans...

    Just want a "second set of eyes" if you don't mind. I didn't put this specifically under tech because it's still up for debate how it will end up. I'm about to completely redo my suspension. 2" lift on 34s looks awesome, but I hate having to go WOT just to clear all the breakovers. Here's the...
  12. Freshmeat

    Recommendations on brake lines?

    I'm about to go through my whole suspension again- I'll be doing a 5.5" lift up front with extended radius arms and SOA in the rear. At the same time, I'll be installing F250 shock mounts in the front and a bit of a custom shock configuration in the rear, to help with flex. My question is...
  13. Freshmeat

    Extended Radius Arms v Drop Brackets

    If I'm doing a 4" lift and I extend my radius arms do I still need drop brackets?
  14. Freshmeat

    What would you do?

    I'm running a '92 Ex EB on 2" spring lift front and rear and 34x10.50s... I really like the combo- it's aggressive, yet subtle. However, after the ride this past weekend, I feel I need more belly clearance. I've been planning to wait until I do a SAS to get more lift because of the expense of...
  15. Freshmeat

    Building a 1350/1354 doubler- any wisdom to share?

    I've read through THIS article countless times. I've read about doublers on Pirate. I've read basically everything I could find regarding a 1350/1354 doubler. That still doesn't mean I know everything there is to know about it. I believe, given the knowledge I've gained from my research, I can...