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  1. ZeroHour

    1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    Hell, it made mah peter flickr, I like it. :LOL:
  2. ZeroHour

    Ranger 2.3 Turbo 5 Spd $500 NE OHIO

    Ugh, that gif. Now I wanna cry.
  3. ZeroHour

    Driver side front sag

    A buddy of mine mentioned doing that too. If I don't find any issues with the body mounts, then I'll try that. I may need to replace them anyway because I feel like the camber is off enough that adjustable camber bolts wouldn't correct it.
  4. ZeroHour

    Driver side front sag

    Ahhhh I hadn't thought about that. I'll check that out hopefully this evening. Wanting to do new bushings and spruce things up but $$$ I tell ya
  5. ZeroHour

    1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    I was wondering why the text seemed wrong Saturday morning but first thing I did was watch that vid and was like "omg check this out" (the steering) Once you revved that beauty.... it's amazing what the human brain can do... with the headphones, the flicker in my britches, and the fact I would...
  6. ZeroHour

    Driver side front sag

    This isn't due to extra weight though. Even when I don't have a few hundred pounds in fuel, some odd 2-300 in tools, and any passengers, the sag is there. It happened after an offroading escapade and being towed out of the mud. I can also tell the difference in pics when I bought it vs now
  7. ZeroHour

    Driver side front sag

    I'm not sure if this is the proper location for this thread since it's stock suspension, but in my defense it's 4WD 😁 So I don't recall it being an issue when I first bought her but I noticed after my first off road adventure and having to get pulled out of the mud and someone's diesel was so...
  8. ZeroHour

    3d modeling 88' ranger 2wd Gamemodel.

    NO way! Did you add this to your GTAV ? Are you going to share it publicly? I especially love that it's a SuperCab as well (my preference :P)
  9. ZeroHour

    1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    I'm having trouble finding a writeup / thread where someone did the entire motor swap (referring to the 2.9). I've got a truck begging me to do something with her and if no one knows of any thread of such, I'm srsly down to be the first (at least on this forum to record the project) Granted I...
  10. ZeroHour

    (Update) 92 Ranger/Merkur Swap

    Any news on this?
  11. ZeroHour

    1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    I've been trying to hunt down a bit of comparison info / writeups / howtos in between things at work since reading that bit today, but I would think a merkur motor, mounting-wise, would just drop in wouldn't it? Still being a Cologne and all, minus of course intake and some configuration...
  12. ZeroHour

    1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    I've not checked back in on this in a bit but the notification today, I thought "oooo lemme go see." I'm not sure if I didn't read in before or what but the Merkur mods... sigh.. You've opened a can of worms for me, because now I find myself scouring the web to see what I can acquire to do some...
  13. ZeroHour

    A4LD, interchange

    If i'm not mistaken, the 2.3L will have lesser/weaker internals or at least t hat's what I've always read in researching. With the additional hp/trq of a 4.0 on a already not great trans from a 4cyl, may as well leave it up on the stands and finish killing it while in the air :LOL:
  14. ZeroHour

    88 Extended

    dang, right here in Texas too xD (the listing next to the green one)
  15. ZeroHour

    Opening / Vented Supercab rear windows (not the back sliding glass)

    I've never had one with them and I've had quite a few Rangers. I want them kind of just as the option or extra feature... but I wouldn't use them often. I tend to use AC and as the heat rears back to punch us here in TX, my AC will get all the love.
  16. ZeroHour

    WTB: 1986 FM145 Manual Txfr case Shifter Boot (JUST the Boot)

    Not sure where to hunt one down but need to replace mine (worn when I bought it and wouldn't you know, it hasn't gotten any better)
  17. ZeroHour

    Opening / Vented Supercab rear windows (not the back sliding glass)

    If that's the case, do you know what the proper name is for them so I can start hunting some down?
  18. ZeroHour

    Opening / Vented Supercab rear windows (not the back sliding glass)

    I saw an 86-88 Ranger Super yesterday while treking home in that hideous traffic. I slowed to get a look as I do like it's some curvy lady passing by, but the Rangers won't give you any sort of look or negative response. :LOL: Anyway I noticed the rear windows were open, much like say back...
  19. ZeroHour

    Can my Ranger carry a slide-in camper?

    lol @ rusty again with the 'this is an old thread', but sir! Aren't these trucks, including yours, OLD?!? :p So this all applies! And I like the reads drudged up honestly, let's not discourage it! Moreso on the topic, I've always wanted a camper to put in one of my Rangers. So bad. I just don't...