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  1. mikkelstuff

    DURATEC V6 30

    Just wondered if anyone installed the 3.0L DURATEC 30 in a Ranger? Seems like it ought to fit since the Taurus and Sable came with either the DURATEC or Vulcan 3.0L engines.
  2. mikkelstuff

    oil leak

    So can I somewhat easily pull the oil pan to replace the pan gasket? This is a 4WD 2002 Ranger. Seems like there should be enough clearance between the pan and the front differential but would be nice to know before I start.
  3. mikkelstuff

    oil leak

    Thanks BlackBill. I did not know that but I can believe it. The truck stinks like burned oil after a 20 mile trip. That reasonable from an oil pan leak? Guess that oil can go anywhere to the rear such as the exhaust pipe.
  4. mikkelstuff

    oil leak

    Yes, the front seal is dry. I did wonder if the 3.0L uses a full seal driven in around the back end of the crankshaft or a split seal as in my '75 Ranchero 460? The split seal in my 460 only lasted 90,000 miles. I changed that one out (floor jack and jack stands) from underneath but I was 34...
  5. mikkelstuff

    oil leak

    My 2002 Ranger XLT 4WD, 3.0L, 138,000 miles, has dripped engine oil on the driveway for some years now. Nothing bad, just a nuisance. Now it is leaking somewhat worse. I have no lift to really see what's going on but the front differential is always wet as is the rear end of the oil pan. I...
  6. mikkelstuff

    Best bare bones v8 block to start.

    Same problem here in Colorado. No engines older than the vehicle which leaves out a 5.0L V-8 in my 2002 Ranger. However, the inspectors never look under the hood - just plug into the obd2 and sniff for emissions. Sooooo, does the odb2 tell the inspector what engine is in the vehicle?
  7. mikkelstuff

    Stock lower ball joint replacement

    I recently replaced the lower ball joints on my 2002 XLT 4x4 while upgrading the brakes to the larger 2004 version. I really wanted to replace the entire lower control arm so as to replace the bushings as well but I just couldn't see doing that without a vehicle lift. I did purchase one of...
  8. mikkelstuff

    Couple of quick questions to save me a little work...

    Same here. New headlamp/turn signal assemblies are cheap - so forget junkyard assemblies which are probably also in bad shape.
  9. mikkelstuff

    Your biggest mistakes.

    Back in the day when CB radios were the thing, the wife (the first wife) wanted one mounted just under the dash in her '68 VW super beetle. I knew the gas tank was located just in front of the dash but figured I'd feel a gap when my drill penetrated the dash. WRONG! The drill bit went through...
  10. mikkelstuff

    Oil filter change on a 3.0. Frustrating.

    I don't know if there is that much of a difference, but with my '02 Ranger 4WD 3.0L, I find it not that bad to reach over the left front tire and through the fender well to change oil filters. It does require a long long extension and a universal socket joint for the filter extraction tool. I...
  11. mikkelstuff

    Front seat belt assemblies 2002 4-door Ranger

    Ok, free. Just pay the shipping - probably $20 or less with USPS. I need to get rid of these things.
  12. mikkelstuff

    Anyone installed round headlights on a 1st gen Ranger?

    If you need a set of round high and low beam adjustable buckets, send me a PM. I have a set from a 1963 Chrysler Imperial that I am never going to use.
  13. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Whoa! Finally finished the brake upgrade and new ball joints. Only took this old guy most of 5 days. 3 days for the first and 2 for the second. I must have learned something doing the first. I will say that the brakes are definitely better. Granted the front brake pads were nearly gone but I...
  14. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Any one know the torque specification for the three bolts that hold the front wheel bearing assembly to the knuckle? I can't seem to find that one in my manuals. I'm guessing 85 ft-lbf, same as the caliper anchor bolts.
  15. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Got the NAPA ball joint press and that troublesome lower ball joint slid in slicker than snot! So much for buying cheap chinese tools. Anyone want to buy mine (ha)?
  16. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    This fight is with the lower ball joint which presses into the lower control arm. Only the upper ball joint slides into the knuckle. The upper should be easy.
  17. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Making progress on the brake upgrade and ball joint replacement. What a pain! Installing the upper control arm/ball joint was no more than the usual fight. No new blood loss but I'm running out of new epithets. Then on to the lower ball joint. I bought this cheap Chinese no doubt ball joint...
  18. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Yes, I already converted the rear brakes to 2002 Mustang GT disk brakes which also made a big difference. Thanks Bird76 Mojo - I too will forget those knuckle seals which I can't find anyway.
  19. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    I finally got around to starting a front brake upgrade by installing the larger diameter 2004 front brakes on my 2002 4WD Ranger. The steering knuckles have to be changed but I got a set some time back from a junker 2004 along with everything else I thought I'd need. My intent was to change out...
  20. mikkelstuff


    Changed the oil in my 2002 4WD 3.0L. I was doing my usual gripping about having to reach over the front wheel and through the fender well to get to the danged oil filter when, first time ever, I noticed it - Ford actually installed a plastic spout under the oil filter so that oil is directed...