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  1. ZeroHour

    Driver side front sag

    I'm not sure if this is the proper location for this thread since it's stock suspension, but in my defense it's 4WD 😁 So I don't recall it being an issue when I first bought her but I noticed after my first off road adventure and having to get pulled out of the mud and someone's diesel was so...
  2. ZeroHour

    WTB: 1986 FM145 Manual Txfr case Shifter Boot (JUST the Boot)

    Not sure where to hunt one down but need to replace mine (worn when I bought it and wouldn't you know, it hasn't gotten any better)
  3. ZeroHour

    Opening / Vented Supercab rear windows (not the back sliding glass)

    I saw an 86-88 Ranger Super yesterday while treking home in that hideous traffic. I slowed to get a look as I do like it's some curvy lady passing by, but the Rangers won't give you any sort of look or negative response. :LOL: Anyway I noticed the rear windows were open, much like say back...
  4. ZeroHour

    86-87 Ranger SuperCab 4x4 Rear Driveshafts - Auto vs Manual?

    I'm currently in a pinch and hoping someone knows offhand; is there infact a size difference between the rear shafts in this year range from auto to manual? I've found in alot of instances I can't rely on parts info from stores or rockauto for clutches (rockauto sent me some odd clutch kit that...
  5. ZeroHour

    How to determine original & current ride height (whether stock or lifted)

    I've done research over the years a bit here and there but never nailed it down. I know for example, there was the high ryder in the 80s but from what I read that was a single cab? I know STX models may have a lift? Somewhere along the lines it gets jumbled up for me though. Anyway, I feel I...
  6. ZeroHour

    Same ole obsession, just a different life. Hi from a foot in TX and one in MS

    So I only just joined this forum almost a year ago and at the time out of necessity, because I was trying to fix up a single cab I bought to sell. Unfortunately I didn't even break even and it's because it wasn't the best time of year to sell a no-ac truck along with I couldn't quite get the...
  7. ZeroHour

    Searching for 87 2.0 Fuel level sending unit (mechanical pump)

    I'm having a pita of a time hunting for this sending unit. I bought the truck with I believe 88k original miles but it's been sitting for a couple of years and I'm going through things to bring it back up to par. I plan to rebuild the carb, and replace everything else on back, including the...