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  1. Dirtman

    How do i set this clock

    I have a basic am/fm... you turn it on hold the clock button and adjust time. How does this fancy one work?
  2. Dirtman

    Whats this pm3 stuff...

    Few recent post mention ford pm3. Looked it up and it's just ford carb cleaner but people say it's better than seafoam for doing carbon cleaning. Just curious who's used it? Is it as versatile as seafoam? Does it work better for any particular reason or purpose?
  3. Dirtman

    Best bare bones v8 block to start.

    I have no immediate plans to do a v8 swap on my truck. But have considered it and was thinking about just picking up an engine and tinkering with it. And by tinkering I mean building it 100% myself including the machining. Here's the million dollar question. I'm gonna start checking junk yards...
  4. Dirtman

    Anyone make their own fishing rods?

    Just curious If any of you ever got into building your own fishing rods? Kind of a rare and lost art these days. I've built a bunch over the years but haven't done it in a long time. Went down to the basement today and dramatically pulled the sheet off my rod building bench. Flicked the...
  5. Dirtman

    Windows based obd2 programs

    I have forscan on my laptop but want something that works on all makes as well. Tried torque pro but its god awful. Anyone know any other programs that work with windows?
  6. Dirtman

    Automtive technology you miss.

    Rusty should love this one... What are some things that use to be common in vehicles of days past that you truly miss. #1 Floor mounted high beam switches. It's just common sense! You shouldn't need to take your damn hands off the wheel on a dark country road to turn your high beams on/off or...
  7. Dirtman


    How many of you folks use forscan? I've had it for about 6 months and already made a couple hundred bucks programming keys for people (even though half the time I did it the person could have done it themselves) I'm not sketchy, I straight up said... dude you have two keys, you can add a third...
  8. Dirtman

    Your biggest mistakes.

    Thought this would make a good discussion. What are some of the biggest, dumbest mistakes you've made working on your truck/car whatever? I have tons but one that comes to mind right now was this total pile of junk 64 (I think) f100 I was given by the old lady next door for taking care of her...
  9. Dirtman

    Polaris ranger... locking the diff in awd mode?

    Didnt know where else to post this. I got a 2008 polaris ranger 400HO recently. It has 3 drive modes. 2wd, 2wd with the rear diff locked, and all wheel drive with the rear diff unlocked. All modes are on the same switch so there's no option to engage all wheel drive and keep the rear diff...
  10. Dirtman

    Trade in Vs Private sale?

    I've only bought 2 new cars in my life and paid cash both times. Never did a trade in, have no haggling skills etc. In a nutshell, I'm terrible at dealing with dealerships. I've decided Im going to get rid of my 2013 lincoln mkx and get a new edge for my mom. I never drive the lincoln and no...
  11. Dirtman

    Dual clutch transmissions.

    Never buy one. That is all.
  12. Dirtman

    Post 60/40 coversion seat covers?

    I'm sick of looking for non trashed explorer seats in the junkyard. Been searching for almost 2 years now. I've made a command decision! Taking the sawzall to my stock drivers seat tomorrow and doing the ole chop and tuck conversion. Here's the question. My seats still need covers. (Vinyl...
  13. Dirtman

    7.3 boost?

    How much boost does a stock 03 7.3 make? Any ideas? Working on the f350... I'm completely new to diesels. Brought up manifold pressure on the scanner and its hitting 35psi. That cant be right can it?
  14. Dirtman

    Evap purge valve hose fitting adapter size

    The hose from the purge valve to the intake manifold is falling apart. But in typical ford fashion they used quick connect fittings instead of normal barb fittings so I can't just slap a length of rubber line on there. The entire hose assembly is impossible to find but I've found quick connect...
  15. Dirtman

    Powertrax lock right. Cross pin? Grinding ring gear!?

    I picked up a powertrax lock right for my 7.5" and been doing some reading before installing it and I'm finding people saying you have to grind a tooth on the ring gear to remove/install the cross pin on 3.73 and up ratios. (I have a 4.10). This can't be the legit way to install these...
  16. Dirtman

    Edge vs Explorer.

    Looking at a new car for my mom. 100% getting a ford SUV. The escape is too small so it's a choice between the edge and explorer. Haven't been to the dealer yet because I like to research first. Good research is asking you weirdos. Anyone got opinions, pros and cons of either? They are pretty...
  17. Dirtman

    Are the modern 870's junk?

    In my thread about henry rifles it was brought up how marlin rifles went to crap when they were bought out. Well Remington is owned by the same people now so anyone know how the quality of their shotguns is anymore? I have a fairly old 870 which is indestructable. I wanted to get a new one to...
  18. Dirtman

    Hurricane prep!

    I put a brick on my lawn chair. I'm all set. How are you folks down in Georgia and Florida doing? My sister is south of Savannah right on the coast and has a farm bigger than mine so she can't evacuate. She apparently rented 4 shipping containers in case things get really bad and the barn is...
  19. Dirtman

    Anti slosh vs sending unit.

    Fuel gauge on the new truck keeps sticking. It's either the sending unit itself or the anti slosh module. Correct me if my logic is wrong here, but if I hook the scanner up and bring up the PID for the sending unit (which doesn't run through the anti slosh module) and it bounces around like mad...
  20. Dirtman

    Opinions on henry rifles

    I've been wanting a new lever action for a while. I currently have an old Winchester 94 30-30 which I love but it's technically not legal to shoot anywhere here and 30-30 is not a great caliper for target shooting. Henry makes a decent looking gun in .38 special / .357 mag. .38 is cheap and is...